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Rehab roommates!

My rehab roommate 

Two days after my spinal fusion surgery I was moved to the rehab wing of the hospital. The first night I was by myself in a semi-private room. Second night I received a roommate, we will call her Miss W. 

To help you understand the demeanor of Miss W I will describe her as an Angry Black Woman who liked to boss people around. She often refused to go to PT telling the therapists she went once and didn't see the need to go back. They, in their professional manner stayed on her until she finally realized they weren't going away. 

I tried to strike up a conversation with her, unsuccessfully. She referred to me as "Hey". And that was only when she wanted to know if they took my breakfast (that I didn't order) away because she was going to eat it. 

I'm not quite sure why Miss W was in rehab, but I did hear her tell someone on the phone she had to learn to walk again. Not that I'm comparing pain, but whenever the nurses asked her what her pain level was 0-10, she would always say "12". They then gave her Tylenol which was the strongest pain medication she was prescribed. 

Anyway, Miss W one night threatened the nurses she was going to rip out her own catheter! After they calmed her down, they let her know they would remove it the next day, which they did. This action did not result in Miss W getting up to use the restroom, but calling they nurses to give her a bedpan. SHE USED A BEDPAN FOR EVERYTHING, which added a nice fragrance to the room, especially given all the food she was eating!

Believe it or not, Miss W had a man who came to see her everyday. From what I could understand, their conversations went something like this:

Miss W: "Did you water the vegetables last night?"

Mr. W: "What?"

Miss W: "Did you water the vegetables last night?"

Mr. W: "What?"

Miss W: "What was so and so doing at the house last night?"

Mr. W: "What?"

One more endearing thing about Miss W was her love of the arts. She had the TV on 24 hours  a day and watched all of the Police drama programs she could find. Also she liked anything on BET like A Different World and the like. 

Even though she could have had the speaker up close to her head, she decided to keep it on the bed and turn up the TV volume. On more than one occasion, I had the nurses turn the TV off or down in the middle of the night. Miss W would sing along to all the commercials as well, which was well...annoying.

Miss W has sleep apnea and had to wear a Cpap machine at night. Some nights, she decided to remove it which set off alarms.

Miss W would sneak pills out of her private bag when the nurses were out of the room and would lie to them about going pee on her own. I secretly told on her once....

Nobody calls me "Hey" and gets away with it! 



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  • Oh, the rehab was the best thing for me, but they really should have private rooms! 

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  • I tried a half dozen times to respond to this but deleted each one. I'm not often at a loss for words but I can't find any for this.

  • I have no words because I can’t stop giggling! Seeing as how I’m about to have same surgery as you Thursday, I may have just ensured that the mean, vengeful Karma will be paying me a visit as I cannot help but laugh! So sorry Jules! I’m glad your surgery went well. 

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