Anyone else see a news report on possible new form of opioids?

Hi anyone one else see the news story on a new opioids they claim will be non addictive but works well on pain. Something about it binding with t-cells in the brain. Any how wont help any of us right now. They are still testing it on mice and it will be atleast 2 more years till they test on human. But....didnt they claim at one time oxycontin was non addictive? Hmmm



  • Likely no generic for a while so it will be expensive with a plan, but if it works well I'm in.

  • Nutcase not sure they didnt state the name of the drug..But the professor they were speaking too was at UNC

    Ltee I'm right behind you. Its a shame its 2 years from a trial so many of us need it..NOW!

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  • well, if a drug that reduces pain as well as opiates and is truly non addicting actually comes to market, I would assume the trumpets will be blaring while specks of gold is sprinkled from the sky

    I can’t see how it would not be prohibitively expensive to the common man...don’t forget they have to supply all of the pillheads with free ones to keep them going

    ...and a generic would be years away

    ....but I may be totally wrong and the drug company may feel sorry for the so called pill epidemic and make them really cheap

  • Lol @ scinmyheart- picturing the trumpets and golden specks coming down from the sky  :) good one

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