Partial refill on one of my meds

I sent my husband to the pharmacy to pick up my script for Hydroxyzine that I have used for sleep for at least 15 years.

When I opened the bag, I realized it was a partial script for 10 instead of 60.

Since it was Friday I figured they had ordered more and would be in today.

Called them this afternoon and they told me it was on backorder til the 30th.

Told them I did not have enough to get by so they offered to fill the rest with 100's instead of 50's and sp!it them for me.

Told them that would be fine.

Even though this is not a med i can't live without, what if it were?

When are my husband's heart meds going to be on backorder?

I am really starting to worry.

We have both been on meds for years and never seen a backorder.

The pharmacist also admitted that even though it gives a specific date to be back in stock that you can't trust it.

Is anyone else seeing this happen?




  • In short...yes.  There are more and more medications that are identified as a "Nationwide Shortage" medications.  You'll hear all kinds of reasons why, but in the mix is money.  Some companies won't produce certain meds anymore because the profit margin is weak or non-existent.  Manufacturing took a big hit when hurricanes hit the Caribbean last summer.  Luckily, just about every disease or health concern has more than one specific medication to treat it.    I hear some of the conditions that are being discovered and wonder who in the world would have thought "that" would be a problem. 

  • Now that you mention it i remember it being mentioned here before.

    Just never had it happen to hubby or myself.

    Wow!  What a mess the hurricanes have caused.

    And when you add that to that incredible screwup our government has made concerning our narcotic painkillers, you have a.......what word am I looking for??  

    a word i can't post here!

    Anyway thanks Keith for that info☺ 


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  • Cindy, It happens to me all the time. And there is something sleazy about the small pharmacy I use. They never call or tell me when the medication has been received. Or, they never follow up on giving me the medication owed to me.  So, make sure you follow up & get the number of pills owed to you.  Take care.

  • It is illegal for a pharmacy to do a partial fill with any controlled drug. If you have a RX for 120 and they give you 90 then the RX is filled and by law they cannot give you the remainder. This is another casualty of the "opiate crisis" but a lot of people don't know it and some pharmacies won't bother to tell you. If they are doing it, I would suggest finding another pharmacy as yours will probably be getting shut down!

  • maybe it's state regulated

    here in TN the Legislature recently passed a law where a partial refill of Schedule 2 Rx can be made

    also starting in 2020 Schedule 2 Rx will have to be sent in electronically here

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  • peanut006peanut006 MichiganPosts: 80

    It's actually completely legal to do a partial fill, even on controlled substances. It's the choice of the pharmacy. The federal law states that as long as the remainder can be filled within 72 hours of the original fill that they can do it if they so choose. Many pharmacies will not do this. My pharmacy does it for me all the time to make sure I have what I need until they get the rest. This is just another reason I advocate against going to chain pharmacies. They constantly give people a hard time, make up their own rules, or outright lie if it suits them unfortunately. I use the pharmacy in the hospital my doctor is affiliated with and get wonderful service. I recommend anyone try that pharmacy or any local mom and pop pharmacy instead of any big chains. 

  • Exactly true. I live in NYS, and there have been several occasions when my mom and pop pharmacy only had partial quantities of a scheduled med, but were expecting delivery in 24-48 hrs, so they filled partially, then called me to pick up the rest upon their delivery. I have never needed a new prescription. 

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,403


    I use a pharmacy that is locally owned and operated by our State Representative. This has been a great advantage to patients as he sees what is going on. I have never had a problem with partial refills either. I think it was around the first of the year when Indiana went electronically with all prescriptions.

  • They went to electronic prescriptions here too, and I love my mom and pop pharmacy. I wouldn’t change dealing with them for anything.

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,403

    The pharmacy I use is the one I worked at as a Tech. I learned more there than in school.  If we only had enough for  partial fill we would call around and get it from another pharmacy or have it the next morning. We even have free delivery for those that we knew could not come in. Your big chains will do any of that.

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