Any advice appreciated

My hip has hurt for year, only the ortho Dr says not my hip as it doesn't hurt in groin area much. It hurts at the top of my thigh on the outside, where the leg bone goes into the hip joint. EMG was done. The Dr office called and left this message "Your results show arthritis and aggravation of L5". What does that mean? Where is the arthritis, hip or spine? What would be my next step? Waiting for my primary care Dr to get the report and give me more advice. Thanks



  • Too generic of a message IMO. I’d wait to hear what the doctor has to say.

  • L5 is the bottom of your spine next is sacroiliac. I just had 4 level fusion for arthritis L2 to S1. But I felt pain in my hip area. Best to see Dr and maybe ct scan 

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