I talked to my prescription drug company United Healthcare.

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  • That’s probably about right considering all the changes.

    I also take a benzodiazepine and I can guarantee you I would never be prescribed 240 pills a month (120 of each).

    Just my opinion, but being afforded eight pills a day (between the two medications) is a decent, fair allowance.

    Many pain doctors won’t even prescribe opioids to a patient who’s taking a benzo.

    In some ways I consider myself fortunate that my pain doctor doesn’t mind that I’m prescribed a benzo from a different doctor.

    That’s just my two cents. I understand it’s probably not the kind of reply anyone wants.

  • L4_L5 is correct.

    I have a PM who really cares about his patients, is liberal with pain meds and has no problem finding a way around regulations if you really need him to, but will not allow any of his patients on pain meds to take benzos period.

    and gosh they made that rule at least 6 years ago.

    i remember coming in for my appointment and they had you fill out a paper and sign it that you were not on benzos and agree not to take any because it has been determined that the combo of narcotic meds and benzos can be dangerous.

    For like four months afterward at each appointment they would ask just to make sure I had signed it.

    The following year it was added to all pain contracts.

    From what I've seen, this appears to be common practice.

    So is it the doctor is ok with the Benzo but insurance won't pay?


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  • my clinic came out earlier this year saying they would not prescribe opiates to anyone that was taking benzos’s in our contract, too

  • My psychiatrist (who prescribes the Klonopin) is more concerned about me taking a benzodiazepine with pain medication (prescribed by pain doctor) than my pain doctor is about me taking a benzo. It’s the opposite of what you’d think.

    I think in some cases if you’ve been on a benzodiazepine for many, many years and on pain medication for awhile and haven’t demonstrated any health concerns then the doctor(s) thinks the body and systems must be ok with concurrent use since the patient is alive and well.

    If I had bad side effects due to the concurrent use of an opioid and benzo I would definitely be talking to my doctors to see what alternative is available. 

    Thankfully I haven’t noticed or experienced any adverse interactions so that hasn’t been an issue. And it’s been over two years now that I’ve been taking an opioid and benzo together daily without any apparent problems. 

    I also get checked every 6 months for liver, kidneys, etc performance and all my numbers are good. Just had new bloodwork done a couple weeks ago.

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