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hi, i am 61 years old and have been on morphine for chronic pain syndrome for many years. i have currently been at this pain clinic for 5 years. i did something stupid and tried medical marijuana. to see if it would work for me. and it didnt, so i told the doctor i tried it  and was giving a drug test, and of course failed it . and now they have taking my pain medications away from me i was trying to find an alternative to the morphine but it seems that is the only medicine that helps me function. i dont know where to get help at i will be out of medicine at the end of august. i just happened to come across this site and seen a discussion site and just had to say something to see if anyone knew where i could get help  thank you.



  • Most would say to book an appmt with your Family doctor to explain what happened. And maybe your family doctor will temporarily (very temporarily), when needed/appropriate provide a small amount of your current pain medication and/or refer you to a new pain doctor. That’s if you’re really really lucky.

    The bad news is the odds of you being prescribed opioids by a new pain doctor before at least 12 months have passed is probably not likely. 

    Maybe a new doctor can prescribe Lyrica or Gabapentin as those aren’t opioids.

    Good luck.

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    I agree with L4,

      These are crazy times..on one side depending on your state..if it's legal for MM to be used.. you have PMs basically pushing its use as a alternative or added to pain medication.  I myself am on it and find it has little or no effect with relieving were honest and upfront but it's also very frowned on if used without your doctors advice. I understand with all the hype out there wanting to explore it as a option should never do anything your PMS hasnt approved..lesson learned the hard thing is you havent been dismissed may still have time to right a wrong..make a appointment to sit down with your current PM and have a open conversation...But you need to do it asap...I would also call your primary doctor and explain what happened again be L4 said he may help with finding a new PM or then again may not..No reason to ask him for non opioids since your current PM can give you those and if you do get any from your primary it will be looked at as doctor shopping since your still under a pain contract with your PM...I'm so sorry this is happening to you. It's a tuff one no one can help you but yourself and you need to get working on it right away dont wait till your close to running out.

      I wish you all the best and hope things work out. Keep us posted on how it all turns out good thing is you do have 5 clean years under your belt and you were honest. 

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  • I can certainly understand why you wanted to try MM and being honest with your Doctor was the right thing to do.

    Problem is that with our current situation you really have to clear everything with your PM prior to taking anything he isn't currently prescribing to you.

    Only thing with MM is that I have read posts where patients are discussing it before hand with their PM and getting let go because of it even in states where it is legal.

    So I wouldn't know what to do in that situation.

    I agree with Boo9989 that if you haven't been let go from the practice, sitting down and talking with your Doctor might just convince him to give you a second chance.

    what have you got to lose?

    if that doesn't work, it would be worth a try to call you primary care Doctor and ask for referrals and a months script just to give you time to get in with a new PM.

    it's difficult for some of us who were treated  for many years by Doctors that were free to make all decisions regarding our healthcare, prescribe any medications they wanted and didn't have to worry about government agencies scrutinizing their decisions.

    i for one hope we get back to medical care like that and that it be sooner rather than later.

    Hope everything works out for you.

    P!ease keep us updated.


  • You need to talk to Dr. I have failed 2 in 12 or so years. I do use MM as it helps, not so much with pain, but for anxiety and getting me to eat. It also has a way of making the time go by when I'm stuck in a pain cycle that cannot be medicated anymore. The Dr. and I have had very little discussion about it as we have different issues. You have to understand the Dr. liability. With some Dr. you have issues with control. The unspoken agreement we have is my Dr tells me when I will be tested and I will pass that test and not put him in a situation that is problem/threat to his practice. You have put yourself in a situation that may be difficult to fix, and I can guarantee the conversation will be difficult. I don't know your Dr, but after 5 yrs you should. Let the Dr say what he needs to to cover his ass. Since you say you do not want to continue using than a few UA over the next few months will bear that out. 

    Good luck, If you need more advice please ask

  • I haven’t had to take any narcotics since starting MMJ. I’m in PA so I applied for my card and got approved. I love the topical lotion and there are some good strains made for pain relief. Maybe give that a try? Good luck! 

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