Does not radiate

I was diagnosed with arthritis in my lower back about 3 years ago. It does show up on an MRI. It causes chronic pain but only on the left side and it doesn't radiate anywhere. It also hasn't responded to shots, exercise or diet. Does this seem weird to anyone else?



  • also there is slight bulging, some spondylolisthesis, and stenosis.

  • If there is anyone out there with lumbar osteoarthritis without sciatica please let me know.

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  • Hi scottgoodwin, You are so lucky that the bulge hasn’t got the pressure on the nerve that causes the sciatica yet. Oh god  make the most of it and do what ever you can to prevent it happening. Strengthen your core and back muscle . I have a lot of sciatica so not really who your wanting to hear from. Harpy

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    Hi, I was diagnosed from mri about 3 years ago. Since then I've had epidural shots and 3 RFA's. I've done PT for core, eat anti-inflammatory, and have seen 3 different chiropractors. The surgeon doesn't recommend fusion since 4 of my 5 disks are affected. It just seems strange to me that nothing really helps and theres no sciatica...yet. I know every back reacts differently and I guess I'm just on the bus. I've been taking fish oil, turmeric, glucosamine, and capzasin crème. 2-50 mil tramadols(3 when I'm working my construction job, but I'm currently out on disability), and a muscle relaxer to help with sleep. I know these are mild meds but I'm trying to stay off opioids if I can.  Thanks for getting back.

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