Grinding and crunchy neck osteoarthritis?

Hello everyone

After i went swimming i had pain in my shoulderblades and my neck. I could not turn my head to the left without pain. I started to massage my neck while i was looking up. I noticed i press something which didn’t feel Right and after that i Got crunchy and grinding Sound in my neck it’s feel like bone grinding ( only When i am standing) .I never had any noise before and now i have stiff neck everyday especially in the mornings.

I am 29 and i am really worry If it is begining of osteoarthritis and the long term consequnses. I just Got a laying Down mri and It was normal so I am really Confused and worry( Maybe the mri could’t find anything because it just happened).I am considering to get a stand up mri.

Thank you in avance for Any advises :)



  • Sheri76Sheri76 Michigan Posts: 259


    Ugh! Neck pain! For some reason for me neck pain seems to affect me worse than back pain, which is bad too, but the closer the pain gets to my head the worse it feels.

    I had a myleogram done for my neck many years ago, and I believe for me, at that time, it was the best testing I had to show what was going on with my neck...bone spurs (fortunately not facing my spinal column), and just normal wear and tear on the cervical spine, and mild spondylosis. 

    The myleogram itself wasn’t bad, just had some trouble with the healing, probably tried to do too much too soon, and ended up having to go back in for a blood patch where they inserted the needle for the myleogram. So, if you have that done, be sure and lay low like they tell you to, for as long as they tell you to. 

    It took many many months for my neck to get to where I didn’t need to take anything for the pain and inflammation. I went to physical therapy and occupational therapy as well, which I believe helped then.

    Now, almost 20 years later, I don’t have much trouble with my neck, but I have learned to be more careful with my neck movements. Certain things can aggravate it quickly, like aerobic exercise movements, moving head back and forth with all that rolling crap...instant sand grinding noises, which wouldn’t take much to cause a flare up. Looking down for too long can cause problems too...there are many movements that can aggravate my neck, just learn to do things differently to avoid the pain.

    Hope you’re having better days soon : )

  • I have been searching and searching and most of it saying that it migth be some degenerative like osteoarthritis If it is grinding Sound which can be repeated  Everytime. I went to my doctor and he just told me it was normal and first sign of osteoarthritis, he didn’t even check me. I am really depress because i am feed up with worry instead of bonding with my newborn. My doctor didn’t want to give me Any test so i pay for mri just to hope to get peace of mind and because i want to know What is making all the cliking and grinding  Noises. I can’t adford to do different test so What test would be Best for osteoarthritis ( early stage) or just for the neck? I see you guys mention bone scan and myleogram? 

    Sheri glad that you feel better. I also have discomfort When holding my neck in one position for too long like looking Down. Did you a had a mri before the myleogram? I doing to physical terapi and massage But it only give my relief for 10 minutes.

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  • Sheri76Sheri76 Michigan Posts: 259

    Hi Pila...

    Hope you’re having some relief, and able to enjoy that new baby....they grow so quickly. I’m praying you are getting enough sleep, and help from others.

    When my neck first started giving me trouble, I was in my early 30’s (now 59 and neck is better), and my two sons were probably 3 & 4 at that time. I remember exactly what happened to cause such pain....ducking my head as I walked under a clothesline....instant pain that caused severe decrease in mobility of neck movements. By the next morning I could barely get out of bed, I really thought my neck was paralyzed. I was able to call a chiropractor my neighbor referred me to, and I was able to get in right away....but it took many appointments and physical therapy to get to where I felt like I would pull through. 

    Having small children then made it so difficult, I didn’t have anyone I could call for support...husband worked and worked and worked, his folks and mine were still working, but in hindsight, I probably should have found help somewhere...I’ve always hated asking others for help, but it has gotten easier since my back surgery.

    I was wanting you to know that things can get better, even if it seems like it takes forever.

    Take care...Sheri

  • Sheri76Sheri76 Michigan Posts: 259

    Hi pila...

    Sorry so late getting back with your question about the myleogram. I didn’t get the myleogram at that point in time when I had hurt my neck ducking under the clothes line, sorry I didn’t clarify that in the midst of either posts. 

    It was several years after that initial neck injury, probably eight years later...had a major flare up from the custodial work I was doing...looking down too much for long periods of dust mopping...the occupational therapy helped...just don’t look straight down, look a bit further ahead. And if I needed to recheck an area in question, I would look from a distance. 

    Basically, I had to learn to work smarter not harder. Even in driving, had a terrible habit of not using my rear view mirrors for backing out...twisting ones neck turning to look behind is so hard on ones neck. Using the mirrors are so much easier, especially on the neck, makes me wonder why I had developed such a habit of not using them.

    I’m assuming I would have gotten an MRI done before a myleogram, but I no longer have my medical records from that period of my life...they got “lost” in a divorce.

    Have you gotten any scans done since this post? Hoping you started feeling better and they weren’t necessary.

  • Hi Sheri Thank you so much for gettimg back.  Yeah i know What you mean about twisting the neck When driving and looking Down. But a lot of jobs today require looking Down but i try to avoid that as much as possible. I just Got another mri and x-Ray. The mri show bulging disc from c3-c7. I am worry If that is normal at my age. The x-Ray show straigth neck and atlas subluxation. Don’t know How to fix’s it without manipulation my neck. Don’t know How all this happen, i didn’t have Any pain before the accident. 

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  • Sheri76Sheri76 Michigan Posts: 259
    edited 10/23/2018 - 2:05 AM

    Hi pila...

    What kind of a swimming accident did you have? Were you diving, or did you turn your head a certain way while swimming?

    Initially I had x-rays before a chiropractor would even touch me, which I believe is a good thing that they do x-rays first. The x-ray had showed  that I had had a past injury, possibly whiplash. I had actually hit my head on a car windshield when I was younger...that was well before the law of having to wear seatbelts. 

    Not everyone has success with chiropractic treatments...but I did with my neck; starting with the closeline mishap in my early thirties, up until I had a lumbar spinal fusion at age 57.  At first I would just have an adjustment if I had a bad flare up. But after I started working as a custodian I needed to go more regularly, started having lumbar problems from all the walking on hard floors, finding a maintenance of chiropractic care once a month worked well for me, plus learning to work smarter and not harder. But the older I became, and the longer I had worked cleaning schools, my body was protesting and finally came to a screeching halt. 

    Some things happen beyond our control, but we can always be kind to our spine.

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