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    Given that he was injured on the job do you know why he can’t be off work now and receive lost wages? 

    The WC benefits would likely be 2/3 of his usual wages but better than being in lots of pain and having to work a physically demanding job at the same time. 

    What condition(s) are currently allowed in the claim? A back sprain or strain or something more serious?

  • His job is 100% wages on WC.  He was out of work from March through May, but since he had an IME in June, the IME doc stated that he was able to do light duty on his heavy job starting July 1st.  On June 6th he was scheduled for his MRI.  He had his MRI, tht stated he had 2 herniated disks.  Ths was 2 days AFTER the IME exam.  This doctor KNEW he was having this MRI done, but sent him back light duty anyway.  He did the light duty for 45 days per union contract, no lifting over 50lbs, (he deals with criminally insane patients) and now had been full duty and the MRI has gone nowhere.  He had two injuries.  One in February on low back, and one in March injuring thoracic, which all are now giving him numb feet and stomach issues, and up into his neck.  He brought the MRI to a neurosx, and he told him it was too blurry that he needed to order another one, however could not take him out of work due to that an IME doctor has him back to work.  Then his office never ordered the MRI and said they are not going to until Sept.  SOOOO, he then today went to another neuro doctor, same thing was told to him about another MRI needed, however it was ordered right from the office, along with pain management, but still continuing working.  His lawyer is not helping at all.  I would think this MRI should g back to the IME doctor and it be amended.  But who am I ,just a taxpayer.  

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  • Does his lawyer have a copy of the MRI? I would ask for a copy of the MRI on a CD. They always give me my MRI on a CD and it’s free of charge at most places.

    Then have the lawyer bring up the MRI on his computer. Even though a lawyer is not a doctor they should know the difference between a very obvious blurry totally unreadable MRI and one that’s clear enough to see most everything.

    Do you think they’re jiving him (and delaying his treatment) by falsely claiming his MRI is too blurry to read?

    As long as he was still and didn’t move too much in the MRI machine then the pictures shouldn’t be blurry. I would ask your husband if he was antsy while the MRI was being conducted. If not then I wonder if this whole “blurry” business is an excuse to delay delay delay.

    Also which MRI was deemed too blurry? The lumbar MRI or the thoracic MRI?

    Did your husband have his choice of the neurosurgeons he could see or did they choose them for him? 

    It may appear that the lawyer is not helping but a lot of times these “problems” happen and there is nothing that can be done to speed up the process. The lawyer can’t circumvent WC law because it’s a legal process that needs to run its course. It’s probably a very slow process for a reason.

    Because the two injuries are only one month apart:

    February (lumbar injury)

    March (thoracic injury)

    The WC system may wonder if there’s validity to both claims since they happened so close to each other.

    Imagine being in a car accident twice in 4-6 weeks time. Of course it can happen but it’s not likely.

    And since your husband works around criminally insane people 12 hours a day one could argue that he’s at a higher risk of being injured than many others in the general workforce, due to his occupation. 

    Unfortunately I doubt WC takes such a thing into consideration when multiple injuries happen over such a short time span.

    Not that it’s any consolation but it took me over a year to get a second MRI performed. It truly stinks everything takes so long.

    Good luck and please keep us posted.

  • His thoracic MRI is to blurry.  It was also done in an open MRI which I do know that they do not get as good as pictures as needed.  The magnets are farther and not as strong.  The views that were taken were not the greatest.  Being I have MS, I have MRIs done every 6 mos.  I look at mine a lot.  LOL.  He chose the neurosx that I just had my neck surgery done with in June. He has an EMG next week with my neurologist that I see .  They are trying to find a connection with his numb and hot feet that he get and his thoracic area.  

  • A lot of people have an open MRI (due to claustrophobia) and don’t have problems with blurry images. Very strange IMO.

    I’ve also had several MRI technicians tell me it’s a myth that a closed MRI provides cleaner and clearer images versus an open MRI.

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