Goal to lose 10lbs by surgery...

Hi All,

I am a bit overweight. (148 but only 5'1") I started on a journey to loose weight with intermittent fasting. I have lost 4 lbs this past week. Surgery is 9/12/18. I am hoping to hit the 130s prior to surgery. I am also amping up on vitamins, and making sure I eat mostly clean food. I really wish I could go for a jog or a bike ride.... but that would hurt too much. :-( So my exercise is walking my dog, stretching, and continuing the core strengthening exercises PT taught me.

Thanks for reading!



  • Thanks! No, I will not add exercises... just wish I could... because it would speed up weight loss. Basically my exercises are done laying down, tightening my belly and holding, squeezing a pillow between my legs and using a resistance band to open and close my legs (butterfly). PT put me in swim therapy and the resistance was painful in the pool, and even moreso the next day. Walking my dog is my favorite. She is a golden retriever, and will be one on the 29th. She's my big baby. :-) My chihuahua is my cuddle bug. 

    It's really weird, now that I am coming to terms with the surgery, my anxiety, while still there, is not debilitating. I go back to work tomorrow (teacher), so time is going to fly. I just hate that the timing wasn't so that the surgery was back in June. :-/ I love teaching. Miss my students, and am going to hate being out for so long.

    Anyway... I have been on track with the diet. Only cheat day was when my cousin came to town with her son. His 19th birthday was Monday, and my son's 19th is next Sunday, so we had a birthday feast for the young men on Monday... :-) 

  • I eat a palmfull of green grapes when i get the munchies..then wait fir a few minutes..the sugars hit the centers and i stop being hungry for a bit...

    Then i can eat less but more nutricious food.

    It taught me about my diet and sugars

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