Changing medications for chronic pain at certain intervals

 Has anyone Ever try different drugs at intervals for chronic pain. Such as taking morphine for three months and switching over to   Oxycodone for three.   Months, then switching again to something else for three months. 



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    I have tried it a few times over the years once it helped and the other time it did not. My problem is I have taken them for so long and so many changes have not seemed to matter in my later years. But I would certainly give it a shot if your doctor is willing. I have read on here and talked to others who have had great success just even changing like from one to another in the same family. My husband went from Precocet to a generic and got more relief strange but it is in the ingredients I think.
    Wish you luck in getting more relief is that what you are hoping for?
    Take care Sherri

  • I have actually been changing up meds for almost 20 years.

    When I begin to feel one isn't working as well or not lasting as long as it should, we change it up.

    I go back and forth between Oxycontin and MScontin and that works quite well for me.

    Sometimes it is years between changes.

    It was 3 years before I made my last change but I know others who change much more frequently than I do.

    Whatever works.

    One of my previous Doctors would have me take a drug holiday every now and then where I weaned off completely, but came to realize that just  changing up the meds worked just as well with no suffering.

    It's always worth trying.


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  • When I was still taking pain medication, I switched between percocet and norco every 6 months.  It worked very well. 

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