Chronic facial pain help

Hello. Iv been battling chronic debilitating facial pressure/pain in my cheek jaw area on the left side and ear ringing for 4 years now. I'm pretty sure it was caused by two accidents I had both to the left side of my head in 2008 but the symptoms did not start until early 2014 and it has completely ruined my life. I'll try and go into detail and explain as much as I can. I was in a car accident late 2008 which I was ejected from the car my left side of my head hitting a tree and was knocked out unconscious the second was an ATV accident which also was the same side of my head hitting the ground also knocked unconscious. After both of the accidents I had no symptoms. I was in the hospital both times and released. Now come early 2014 it was snowing alot outside and I was shoveling everyday. I woke up with ear ringing one day and the next day the severe left sided head pressure with also the teeth and cheek area all on the left side. I went to the hospital stat. They could not find anything on the catscans or xrays and I was sent home. I went to the ER about 12 times hoping they would find something but they did not and they only thing that help with the pain was xanax. For the first few months I noticed myself at night hanging my head off the side of the bed while sleeping iv never done that before also I noticed my neck start to crack and pop as I would move it. One day my wife noticed the back left side of my neck was popping out. The muscle was in a spasm and since then has not went away. Iv been to so many doctors and specialists over the years to help me but nothing has worked other then xanax. One doctor would diagnose me trigeminal neuralgia the other occipital neuralgia etc. Recently I seen a pain management specialist and he felt the back of my neck and said from my neck being in a spasm so long there alot of scar tissue etc etc on the left side he shot steroid injections and they worked for about 5 hours then stopped and the pain came back worse. Iv lost so much over the years because of this pain including my wife and daughter. I'm not sure what direction to go at this point. Who should I see about this. Its definitely from the injurys and it's coming from my neck but the pain is in my head and face.



  • Iv just had a recent MRI done about 2 weeks ago without contrast. I have yet to fnd out the results. What is a c4/c5 fusion? I have been to an ent when it first happened but not recently.

  • Up until i had a nerve ablation in my lower C spine area did i get relief from my pain there..hardness of muscle,headache,spasm and aches.

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  • Ok I got the MRI results back and it says

    C3/c4 there is a minimal disc deication and a left lateral recess annular fissure 

    C5/c6 small broad central disc protrusion 

    C7/t1 there is a minimal disc bulge and minimal broad left paracentral disc protrusion 

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