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Possible brain/spinal tumor/cancer

Hi! Im 20 yrs old. And I got this backpain and some neurological problems (arms and legs). My muscle hurts, sore and feel tired all the time. My right leg has atrophy and feels weird to walk. Im feeling this for 4 yrs. Constant. Doesn't stop. Doesn't Go. There are goods days and bad days with the pain but it doesn't go. im scared that i have a tumor or cancer. sad

(4 yrs ago) I had MRI of the brain because of cold sensation in my head and eye pain that wakes me up. Mri came back normal dismissed as cluster headache.

I had the atrophy of the leg when I had the MRI. And back pain (disregarded because i thought it would come off or it may be from stress).

Never had an xray or mri of my spine.

I didn't go to the doctor when my symptoms started because I was too scared to be diagnose of cancer or tumor.

But right now, i was considering going to the doctor. Because I was wondering, if it's a tumor or cancer, i should be dead right now or i should be paralyzed or something.

Anyone had this symptoms before? sad Your replies will make me calm sad much appreciated 



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  • Ichan0001, 

    I have had early breast cancer and level 2 melanoma, I am still here . Even a scc on my nose beside my eye that had traveled to the nerve goes behind my eye, the scc was removed and a round of radiation stopped it. It’s not a death sentence if treated early. If you have any concerns go see your dr. Believe me if you tell him your worries and concerns,  he should jump on it ,  the big C they don’t fob.                         I have your symptoms but I have a lot of spine issues . Go to you dr and keep us posted. Harpy

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  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,609

    I can understand all of this has got you worried, anxious, upset, nervous and much more.   Try not to let your mind wonder faster than what it needs to be.

    Your first action, needs to be to see a doctor to identify if there is something like a tumor going on.   But from what you wrote, It sounds like more than you are wondering IF instead of finding out WHY

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