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Is it beneficial to see a neurologist for herniated discs and damaged nerves . Please advise

I have seen orthopedics and pain management specialists. I have damaged nerves located in my C7 and 4 herniated discs on C4-C7 and I’ve heard ppl say they see a neurologist but when I asked my primary doctor to refer me she said that she would send me to a neuro surgeon instead because neurologist don’t do intervention. When I got my stuff in the mail today for my appointment it was for another orthopedic surgeon and not  a neurologist surgeon. Are they the same? Is she wrong? I’m so confused right now.



  • nutcase007nnutcase007 United StatesPosts: 918
    gemini - Some orthopedic surgeons do perform spine surgeries.  Yes, you understood your primary doctor.  Very few neurologists perform interventional work. 
    If I was in your shoes, I'd contact your primary doctor and ask why you got an orthopedic doctor when she specified a neurosurgeon.    

  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,099

    I agree with nutcase007.   Curious why your primary doctor set you up with an orthopedic surgeon instead of a neurosurgeon.   Could be she thinks the orthopedic surgeon would be better suited for your situation.   Never know, thats why its best to ask.

    As far as who is better, an orthopedic surgeon vs neurosurgeon ?   That can be a toss up, the both can handle most spinal surgeries.   When I have had my ACDF surgeries, both were present, the neurosurgeon taking care of removing the damaged disc and the orthopedic [surgeon placing the titanium plate and screws.

    A Neurologist could be someone you went to see when no one can really identify what some of your problems may be.   I was suffering from terrible headaches for months and poor vision.   The MRIs indicated damaged cervical discs, but no one could explain the rest.  The neurologist conducted additional tests (brain MRI and scan) to rule out any potential tumor or brain related issue.   

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  • That helps a lot . Thank you

  • A neurologist is someone you go to with undiagnosed migraines or fibromyaliga but a neuro is where you go if you have acutal spinal damamge. That's who's going to operate and diagnose and fix it. 

  • I think you mean neurosurgeon. Neurologists are not surgeons.

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