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Has anyone tried a thoracic brace

I have been searching online about thoracic back braces. Has anyone tried them ? Have they helped with the pain/posture? I see my doctors at the end of next week and I am going to ask them . No matter how  hard I try to stand up in the right position I realise I am already stooping. I “think” I am coping with my lumbar and neck issues but I am not coping with the thoracic at all. Any input would be great, thanks, harpy



  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,609

    Since I am a triple spinal patient:   Lumbar, Thoracic and Cervical,  I've had all sorts of braces, traction units, etc along with surgery (except for thoracic surgery)   All of my doctors and therapists advised me never to use a brace for my thoracic area.   Since the thoracic discs are connected to your rib cage, they are the strongest of all the discs in your body.   Putting a brace there, can compromise the strength and mobility of your rib cage and thoracic discs.

    But, please, this was back in 2004-2008, I am sure many things have changed.  During that period, thoracic surgery was as close to being barbaric treatment that anyone could imagine.  Today, thoracic surgery is becoming more common and practical.

  • I had T7-T8 fusion done 3 weeks ago and was told not to wear any brace before. I do have a post op TLSO brace after which I have to wear for 3 months or so until properly fused.

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  • Thanks guys, I did ask my gp, he said  to me straight out , No brace, told me it will make my muscles weak and make my spine worse. Funny that I didn’t think my spine can get any worse , it’s the pits as it is. 

  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,609

    I have not had any thoracic surgery, but still have 4 herniated Thoracic discs.   Like harpy just stated, my surgeon and other doctors said in NO WAY would they approve any type of thoracic brace.   Considering that the Tdiscs are attached to your rib cage, adding a brace could only weaken your muscles which could cause more problems.

    harpy said:
     Funny that I didn’t think my spine can get any worse , it’s the pits as it is.

    Unfortunately, when it comes to the spine, so many more, newer and more degrading things can happen. 

    And on the flip side, it was only after spending 5 months in cardiac rehabilitation, did I really realize just how deconditioned my entire body, spine and muscles were.  Prior to cardiac rehab, I really never did any serious exercises because of one problem or the other.  I did think I did some good things, ie walking, but, it was only after cardiovascular exercise did my body start to respond and I actually started feeling much better, better than I had in years.   So there is always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.... Well , may not be gold, but it would be better than we have today


  • Shazam1203,

    Excuse my ignorance, but what is a TLSO brace?

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