Really depressed after MRI result... What to do next???



  • Yeah, i am attending first therapy session today. Not sure how it will pan out but it is 5 weeks long so it cant be worse. From their description they do a variety of therapies which on paper seems to be a decent mix, but obviously it will depend on how they want to treat me. 

    Passive Physical Therapy:

    • Heat packs
    • Ice packs
    • Massage
    • Ultrasound
    • Nerve stimulation

    Active Physical Therapy:

    • Stretching
    • Balance activities
    • Coordination drills
    • Range-of-motion exercises
    • Strengthening exercises
    • Aerobic conditioning
  • Did my first session yesterday with PT:

    1. he did a series of tests but in the end the "best guess" is that the area to my L2/L3 is a bit sore to the touch. Which basically confirms what we already know that L2 and L3 are a bit close.

    2. he did an electrode therapy on back with heat pad which felt interesting.

    3. he did teach me some exercises related to legs to do at home.

    I came out a bit confused and semi-relieved. I guess it might not be anything serious but it still sucks he can't figure out what it is. The pain occurs only in certain motions and its only maybe 2-3 on a scale of 10. But having it still sucks. I am hoping it goes away after the 5 weeks... if not idk if i should go see chiro again or do anything like a shot...

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