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it felt like a rubber band broke in my back

i was using my shoulder to keep my phone up to my ear and reaching above my head to open something and when i popped it open and at the same time it felt like a rubber band snapped/broke in my back near my scapula. the pain wraps around from my spine to the left side of my breast. i also feel sharp, stabbing pain inmy collar bone too. its the worst when i try to take a deep breathe, cough, sneeze or laugh. i cant get comfortable at all. what did i do to myself? it seems like its getting worse as the hours pass. i went to get an xray and they said it looked fine. ive never dealt with back pain before and its a serious pain. sharp, stabbing that make me freeze and yell out. 



  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,609

    From what you are describing, it sounds like acute pain , either muscular or nerve in nature.   When ever I see acute onsets like this, I always use a 3 week rule.   If the problem gets better each day after ice/heat and some rest , then you can be pretty sure, its nothing to worry about.  If it stays the same after a week or so, keep an eye on what triggers more or less pain, but if it steadily increases during this time frame, you should be seeing a doctor.

    Now, you probably know your body better, so if you are nervous or worried about the current condition, then by all means go see another doctor.   But since your x-rays looked fine and the doctor that ordered them didnt feel the need for any additional tests, I would wait

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