New here & Finding it hard to live with pain

My L3 - L5 are herniated but from what I've read and how my treating doctor treats me...I shouldn't be hurting. She acts like I'm a drug seeker which I'm not, the truth is I hate pain killers because they make my depression even worse but I am at my wits end with pain. It's so bad that my whole body gets inflamed and hurts. It's unbearable. I'm given 50 mg Nycenta and 3 Norco a day.  That is literally nothing.  I metabolize meds very quickly  and am at my wits end with pain.  I have an appt to go over my latest MRI but what does everyone else take for this? Am Does it hurt this bad for anyone else? I'm a single mother and I feel like I'm letting my son down because I'm always hurting to do anything. I've already gone through 3 weeks of PTO at work and have started FMLA.  I feel alone. Helpless and desperate.  Am I alone?



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    I’m given 50 mg Nycenta and 3 Norco a day.  That is literally nothing.
    Most pain doctors are starting to restrict to 90 MME daily. 

    If you’re taking both Nucynta and Norco 3x daily you’re definitely knocking up against that 90 MME. 

    No offense but that’s hardly “literally nothing.”

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  • You are not alone. So many different meds to think of. Finding the right one for you can take time.

    If what you are currently taking is not working then you need to be given something else to try.

    If you doc is being horrible then look to change doctor.

  • I'm sorry for your pain and I can assure you that you are far from alone, or unique, as others have said. My L2-S1 has been fused and several surgeries under my belt have mitigated the pain but never will they resolve it. I was on 250mg Nucynta ER and still taking 10mg Oxycodone every six hours when my insurance decided to bail out on the Nucynta due to cost. I had to move over to Exalgo ER at half the ME to titration over for a month. 16mg of Exalgo ER and my Oxy stayed the same dosage and that made me realize how much the Nucynta was helping the nerve pain. Once I got up to 32mg of Exalgo the pain was better managed again, but the narcotic effect and Affect was/is a troubling side note. The guilt and shame of having to take the narcotics is a pain of different dimension. I am a recovering addict with 15+ years clean. Tell an alcoholic he has to take two drinks a day at 12 hour intervals just to be able to walk and work. It's crazy. But, without the narcotics, I would be a danger to myself due to the depression and inability to work and walk. 

    Maybe your Doc will discuss moving to a higher ER Nucynta dose. Keep a pain log as others on here suggest. Contemporaneous notes of your pain and relief will be invaluable to both of you. You may identify an activity that seems routine or benign but comes clear as an aggravating factor, through this process. Just my thoughts from my process. Good luck. 

    You are Never Alone. 

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