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Has anyone ever had T-4 syndrome? Any info would be great! 



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  • Hi Marierintala I tried to talk about t4 syndrome and my doctor  had never heard of it and went so far as to tell me you cannot

    Believe everything you read on the internet and yet what I found out  about t4 syndrome fits my back injury. I was hurt 21 years ago and since then I have been reading as much about my injury that I can. Making me think I know more about it  then my doctors do! My doctors do not like it when you know more then they do.  T4 - T8 herniated from getting hit in the back at work. 

    4 Hern disk. T4/5 T5/6 T6/7 T7/8
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    I can speak to the T4 syndrome.   About 15 years ago, in the middle of the night, I started having heavy chest pains, as if someone was pushing hard on my chest.  I was short of breath, but just figured it would pass.  In the morning, I told my wife about it, she wasnt too happy that I waited.  We went to see our Primary Care physician, who said, just go over to the ER.   We did, I was admitted over night for observations and testing.    A couple of days later, I went for a stress test and everything was fine.

    All along, I have been in physical therapy for my lower back and thoracic problems.  I was explaining what happened to my therapist.  She was a women in her 70's, who knew everything you could ever think about in terms of the spine, muscles, tendons and how its all put together or not.   She was one of the first to start using myofascial release therapy, which has always worked great for me.

    Back to T4.  She laughed a bit and pressed on the area where my T4 disc would be.  That triggered off the exact same feeling I had that night.  She said, the T4 syndrome, which many times can mimic a heart attack is something many therapist recognize, but not many doctors accept the theory.

    Do a search here on T4 Syndrome and you will find posts dated back several years talking about this condition. said:

    The Thoracic Four Syndrome (T4 syndrome) comprises a set of signs and symptoms that are related to a dysfunction in the upper thoracic spine. It manifests as glove-like paresthesia and temperature changes in one or both hands, sensation of heaviness, swelling and pain in one or both upper extremities, usually associated to thoracic and/or chest wall stiffness, and often presents with generalized headaches.

    Thing is, the more I read about the T4 syndrome, the more confused I get.   Different articles state that it is a normal condition with people with thoracic problems, others say it is a rare condition.  I do know for myself , while I had the thoracic problems, the T4 Syndrome was very much part of of me. 

    I still have 4 herniated thoracic discs, but never had any surgery.   I suffered for about 4 years with it, having no success with an physical or aqua therapy.   Finally, my physiatrist sent me to a Thai Deep/Soft Tissue massage guru.  He worked on my for 6 months, every week.  It was a very painful experience, but in the end, he was able to break apart my deep rhomboid muscle which had been like a rock, causing extra thoracic problems.  Once, that became pliable, I was able to deal with the discomfort and pain.

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