What do you do when you have to spend the night away from home?

Since I've done my surgery, I've been really careful with the quality of my mattress. However, I don't know what to do when I have to sleep in hotel or any different place. Do you guys have any strategy for these situations? If you are not sleeping home, what can you do if the mattress is not that good?



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  • harpyharpy Posts: 93
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    I always take my own pillow , makes a huge difference when on a strange mattress. A night here or there makes no difference to my my pain levels but my own pillow ahhh nothing beats it,

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  • Pillows make aworld of difference..i pack or bring my own quantity

  •  How many favorite memory foam pillows have you had a memory lapse and left one behind in a hotel room?  

    <—3 Times over my 10 years of back ache filled travel.  

    I put them in strikingly colored pillow cases so they don’t blend in to the hotel bedding and I don’t forget as many. (before surgery, Haven’t travelled since surgery, am restricted  :(  )

  • There is a hotel chain that promotes king size adjustable mattress settings.   Never could get these set right, and always had a terrible nights sleep with crippling after affects.  Will never stay there again. (won’t say chain since I think that’s against forum policy)

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  • smartens162smartens162 Manitoba, CanadaPosts: 361

    agree with @grtgrandma1aneeda70 - ask if the hotel has firm/soft mattresses when u are booking.  I really pay for it in pain if the mattress is too soft, but others with back issues can't handle too firm.  

  • Most hotels seem to have beds with the foot being higher than the head, most of the time I sleep with my head at the foot of the bed. If the mattress is way soft, I take the comforter and sleep on the floor. I carry a horse collar pillow that I use on the plane rides. I have slept with that and have used a rolled up towel too. I should try to cut a length of a pool noodle, but will try that at home first.

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