Gabapentin worth a shot?

My burning pain, which my doc thinks is the result of damaged nerves due to bulging discs / prolapse discs is getting unbearable once more. I take ibuprofen and paracetamol.

I did try pregabalin but not nice.

Should I give Gabapentin a try? Will that help with the burning pains?



  • Here in the UK we don't pay for meds or tests etc etc. I have had an MRI which showed the disc problems and the squashed nerves. No op needed I was told!

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    I have been taking Neurotin for some time. It took a while to get the dose just right. At first they had me on too high a dose so I backed off. For me, it helps. As with all of my meds, I take them at the same time every day and not all at once. This way it stays in your system. I still use ice packs also. At times, I have the burning from my hip to my feet. When I do, I do a rolling ice pack. Which means you simply roll the ice pack from top to bottom instead of just laying it in one spot.
    Hope this helps you out.

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  • Hi koolpc
    Sorry to read you are having pain like that with no relief. I have tried that drug three times hoping to get relief but it never worked. Do you trust your doctor if so I would give it a try. Have you discussed your concerns with he or she about taking it? They could possibly make you feel more comfortable with the idea.. One thing you could do is type it in the upper right hand corner that will pull a lot of information of others experiences. 
    Did they give you a plan of what the next step was if not surgery to help you? That's one thing we can do is get a second opinion if we feel it is needed.
    Hopefully you will find some relief soon 
    I wish you the best 
    Sherri PS your dog is adorable !

  • Been reading a lot from people who really hate gabapentin. Think I will steer clear of that one. Doc has mentioned it in the past.

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    Hey koolpc

    My wife and I dog sit a big full grown welsh cute to look at your pic from down under.   After my first surgery this year I was not under the best pain control, 10 days out of the hospital in my surgeons office for debilitating pain, I was given Gabepentin and tried taking for two nights but had nightmares bad enough that my wife wanted me to stop taking them before I did.  They also didn’t help my screaming pain at the time but I was told it would take up to two weeks to take effect, I just couldn’t stick with it through the dreams, the first time  

    After my second surgery also didn’t resolve the screaming nerve pain, it just changed it, my surgeon highly recommended me revisiting the gabepentin, and by then I was being handed off (I think) to a pain management dr who encouraged me to try gabepentin again when I had trouble managing the pain with the other gaggle of opiates I was on, and he said we couldn’t go up more on opiates as I was at the max, and then I got swept up into the war on opiates, but there is no war on nerve meds.  :|

    I did get through a couple nights of shady dreams with help from my wife and now I’m still on the Gab, and very quickly in two weeks went to close to the maximum which I believe is 2700mg/day, but I’m not a dr.     Yes, weight gain and memory loss — schemory loss—what was I saying Bill?—are issues, I’ve gained 20lbs back of the weight I lost to keep the weight off my spine to keep from having spinal pain—ironical?  

    For me absolutely knocking me down is I guess major muscle fatigue and overall need to sleep 24/7. Honestly, after two months of zero sleep, i need the rest.  I’ll take it for a little longer, until I catch up on all my sleep by Christmas 2020 then try and wean off  :p

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  • I really need something. Plus with my back pain it is getting unbearable. Still waiting to see pain management.

    I am still working too. Recently divorced too. Living in a bed sit. Trying to find a place to buy but what if I have to give up work? I don't need a mortgage. I can buy outright.

    Hellish times.

    I hope you people find comfort and a painless / free life.

  • Gabapentin helped me initially when I was really bad (I was mad it took them 3 months to decide to give it to me). A few months ago I started to lower my dosage and get off of it all together  (I actually found I felt better not taking it but really needed it initially). I will say when it was time to go off of it I had massive headaches for a few days each time I lowered my dosage and when I was done all together it was almost unbearable but I still think it would have been much worse without it.

  • I did try pregabalin but hated it. Plus coming off it wasn't nice. I wish they could kill off the nerves causing the burning!

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    Well, I went to see my doc this morning. Told him how unbearable it is becoming. Especially the burning.

    He wants me to try Pregabalin again. Last year I took it for 3 months. Going up to 75mg which I know is low. I told him about all the negativity about it on the internet. He said everyone is different. He said he has patients that it has helped a lot.

    He gave me 25mg. He wants to see me in 2 weeks. I really don't know what to do. Try them again or not? Coming off of them last time was horrible.

    I ordered Tumeric the other day. Started to take it today. Wondering if that may help more?

  • Thanks. I was recommended it. I have tried it before but I believe an inferior make. This time I have gone for a better make. 2 to 4 tablets daily it says but I will start with 2. Thanks as I hope it will help. Been reading about it's many benefits. 

    Think I will try this before I decide to take the Pregabalin.

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