Seasonal Affective Disorder

Well Spiney

Its that time of year

S.A.D. is going to hit some of you guys.

It hits me every year..from summer to fall.All my life anxiety always followed the quickening of the nites..

2 weeks ago or so, sun was still going at 9 pm and light till 9:30 or so

This week? 8:30 and dark.

You may feel sad, irritable,depressed

Appetite changes..i am eating like a 10 season famine..which blew my diet away...

Along with sluggish feelings and just all around tired.

My depression? Well sad songs bring wetness..

What you have to remember is that some get it, some dont.

I welcome the breakibmng of the heat

I welcome Coffee weather...(although im out of practice and made a cuppa that made my ears peculiar.)

I welcome the leaves turn to show their true colors.

So SAD becomes confusion of sorts.

Add pain and suffering to the mix and a Spiney will want to scream a little.

Hang in there, it is transient for most so if you pig out and get down..its ok

Summer is breaking and winter is making its way

Leaves will be turning and soon will be burning along with grass unto hay

Pumpkins are budding and wines are eyed on display

Soon toes will be froze and jack frost nips your nose and draws sigils on glass

The north wind will blow and cheeks all aglow we will fest the season in welcome

The ache in our bones and the moans and the groans will play for time whose a thief

Years have grown shorter as well as my shoulders who once were a straight

But im keen in eye and can drink a well dry and eat every taco i spy

Hang in there Spiney, im not being whiney nor regretting my lot

Because there are pies to be eaten and teams to be beaten on tv tonite

The season is come for belts be undone and cat videos to run and laughter to ring in your house

Summer is done

Cool weather is come.

Be well Spiney



  • Your right

    I just began to wind down slowly and surely. And i am pushing harder against the current.

    But the soul sapping heat hear doesnt help.

    I tend to forget about others in other latitudes that dont live in the land of eternal summer and what winter horrors they have to face..arthritis in my hands and cold weather dont mix here..its like the joints are on fire.

    I forget that certain plants tree here, a pecan loses the,leaves overnite it seems.

    While we had snow the last two years, some Spineys get that every year..for me, running round the stuff makes me like a kid.

    My SAD lasts weeks..this is my second..but after the suns going down change is done then i adjust. I am outside every sunset and the shortening of the days, the changing of the light among other things affects me.

    For the photographic life of me...this is the best light of the year though..if only every song didnt make me sad.

  • William Garza - I'm curious as to what your profile picture is.  Is that an ice bag?

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  • William GarzaWilliam Garza TexasPosts: 1,922
    edited 08/31/2018 - 12:04 AM

    Lol..believe it or not..

    Its a cinnamon roll! 4-5lbs depending on how they feel at the diner that day.

    Or as i said..its big as mah heed!

  • I love this time of the year. Spring starts tomorrow,  yippee,    No more horrible cold days and nights. the days will start to warm up a little each day.    The new leaf buds are coming on.     Birds have started singing their little songs.           I will swap my hot coffee for iced coffee. Though not as enjoyable. Lots of ice cream. Lots of open doors and windows. Back to swinging in my big egg chair on the front verandah. My body will stop aching with the cold.

  • One thing winter brings is the gloves.50 deg and the hands burn. 

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  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,391

    I'm tired of high heat indexes and humidity.
    Can't wait to walk outside and smell the cool, crisp air.
    To smell the corn as it's being harvested. And to watch the deer walk across the yard to the corn field.
    Last year we built our first fire inside on Sept. 28th, not far away.
    To walk in the woods with fresh snow on the ground.
    Turn off the air conditioner!!! Open the windows and doors!!
    Getting dark early? Another reason to go to be early!

  • Here in the land of eternal summer

    The heat is breaking at last..Fall is in the air..the days are getting shorter by leaps and bounds and the sunsets are growing cinematic and spectacular.

    The leaves are drooping a bit and the birds are banding...the starlings and oriols here are growing chummy and doing mass test flights for the journey south.

    Things take on more value daily seemingly.

    Soon, there really wont be enough hours in the day.


    We had snow..magical snow two years in a row..given that yall live in the land of ice and snow i see the reluctance.

    We cant stop the seasons..maybe they will discover a world of eternal spring one day-!

    I would call it elysium

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