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MRI Results are in. Not looking for medical advice, just need some help

kibbkkibb Posts: 6
edited 09/02/2018 - 3:23 AM in Chronic Pain

I have a work comp injury on thoracic and lumbar. I moved states and started seeing a new doctor in December. He is obsessed with lumbar. Says my thoracic is fine even though my old MRI(four years ago said differently) and even though work comp told me I couldn't work my job anymore, thus them paying me to go back to school he still insisted nothing was wrong. So I was forced to pay out of pocket for an updated MRI and these were the results. 

The thoracic aorta and paraspinal soft tissues appear normal.

2. The spinal cord is normal in size and signal intensity.

3. No fracture or suspicious bone lesion. There is disc desiccation throughout the mid thoracic spine and mild

dextroconvex thoracic scoliosis.

4. T2-T3: A 5 x 8 millimeter left paracentral disc herniation produces posterior displacement of the left cord and

mild central stenosis. The foramina are patent.

5. T4-T5: A 4 x 8 millimeter left paracentral disc herniation produces posterior cord displacement and mild central

stenosis. The neural foramina are patent.

6. T5-T6: A 4 x 8 millimeter left paracentral disc herniation produces posterior displacement of the spinal cord

and borderline central stenosis. The neural foramina are patent.

7. T6-T7: A 4 by 8 millimeter left paracentral/preforaminal disc protrusion with annular fissure produces cord

effacement but no central canal compromise. The foramina are patent.

8. T7-T8: A 4 x 8 millimeter left pre foraminal disc herniation contacts left cord and produces narrowing of the left

pre foraminal space. The central canal and foramina are patent.

9. The T8 -L1 intervertebral discs appear normal.

10. Small to Schmorl's nodes is seen on the left at T10-11, T11-12 and L1-2.

I have an appointment with him in two weeks. I am bringing him this. I have begging for an updated thoracic MRI and or referral since December,. HE REFUSED at every single visit to do it. I have numbness down my buttocks and legs. Very bad back pain. Trouble walking at times. I walk "sideways" He told me "Its probably your lumbar bulge' and ordered nerve blocks and told me to just take Tylenol. UPPED my weight limit to 50lbs.

A few questions I have are; Am I just being a wuss? Does anyone else here have thoracic issues, and how do I get this doctor to see that I have serious pain. If you have thoracic issues, what methods of treatment are you currently using?  PT, shots, what kind of meds?

It already took them from Dec-Sept to approve Nerve blocks for the lumbar I wonder how long it'll take for blocks for this... All he ever wants to do is blocks. In the past I have done Physical Therapy and Aqua Therapy for the thoracic back in my original state. I have only done Physical Therapy for the lumbar with this doctor because he wasn't focused on thoracic. 

 Also, would it be acceptable to ask for a handicap placard even if it is temporary? Sometimes I avoid going out because I don't want to walk halfway across the parking lot to the supermarket. Is that reasonable or am I being dramatic. I only ask this because he seems to not be taking me seriously..

Before anyone says anything about an attorney, I have an attorney, he sucks.  I've tried to change and called over 100 attorney's. Nobody will take the case because the attorney committed malpractice which I need to address soon. So, changing attorneys is out of the question. 

I can't change doctors because this doctor.. it took them ONE year to find this guy. Treating out of state is difficult. I have to drive to another state to treat because my original states work comp doesn't cover my current state. 

Please give me some insight.  



  • L4_L5LL4_L5 Posts: 1,416
    edited 09/02/2018 - 8:59 AM

    How did your attorney commit malpractice? Usually malpractice happens when a doctor makes a mistake — not a lawyer.

    I’ve had four MRI’s and all are recognized and allowed in the WC claim.

    A lot of times when people think their attorney is not good it’s simply because the WC process is very agonizing and slow. The attorney can’t do anything to speed it up. 

    There are certain time limits for some things and none for others.

    When you first got hurt did you complain about pain in both your mid and lower back or only your low back? 

    If you complained initially about only your low back hurting then that’s probably why they’re denying a thoracic MRI.

    As far as the weight restrictions go call your lawyer if 50 pounds is unacceptable. If you’re having a lot of problems with pain upon bending, lifting or twisting then  you don’t want to be lifting anything near 50 pounds.

    It may be the Doctor is “obsessed” with your lumbar because that’s where your problem is.

    Was there anything concerning on your lumbar MRI the doctor discussed with you?

  • Can you not get a 2nd opinion?

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  • L4-L5, He took money out of my trust that was not meant for him. I had another attorney tell me that it was illegal. He's made me drive from coast to coast because he didn't know the law, even after I quoted it to him. They were supposed to fly me back or advanced me money to see the QME. He made me go on my own costing me a lot of money. 

    I have a lumbar bulge vs all those thoracic herniation's... so I am pretty sure the majority of the problem is with thoracic. 

    Long story short, I had a neck, head and back injury(thoracic and lumbar) that I was treating in California. GA doctor refuses to treat the thoracic. 

  • Koolpc, 

    Can't get a second opinion at this time because my case manager and attorney both say its too hard to find a doctor.

  • A WC attorney by law only gets a percentage of what you receive for your injury. There are no costs up front. 

    How did the attorney get the information he needed to access the trust? He would need to know certain details about your trust to be able to do that.

    Did you contact the bar association for the state where he practices? That’s where you could start and explain what happened.

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  • don't take someones word for it, look for another dr. if you want. your description sounds like lumbar problems, your mri kinda agrees. find the best physical therapist you can afford and get to, get treatments and take notes. exercise is something you'll have to do correctly everyday, regardless.  it helps me out alot, i coudn't stand in one pace for 1 minute or sit for 30 a couple years ago, now i can sit about an hour and most times i can wait in line. took some hard work and years and about 80 treatments in all with 3 therapists. you want a dr. thats intelligent enough to hear you anyway, same with physical therapist. find the brightest pros you can and get proactive. best of luck 

  • Seemingly the Tspine is not considered too awful injure-able.

    My t7-t9 is way out of whack..but it took a,looong while to get diagnosed,imaged then told what i knew.

    I have a rib pushing back into my spine so i get many,delightful sensations..esp when i sneeze,hard.

    Keep fighting and seeking answers until they scream to your own best advocate

    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

    Welcome to Spine-Health

  • Unfortunately your plight doesn’t sound so unlike my own. I too am from CA and I had a or maybe had a lawyer at first that really screwed me. I should have had a federal case for being fired while on disability and I thought it was filled along with a special added piece to my workers comp for the same issue but neither was really done. I was in so much unrelenting pain and had such horrible doctors under workers comp that I couldn’t think or move. After 5 years I finally quit seeing their doctors (I went through probably 20 as I am in the field and didn’t put up with incompetence) and went through my insurance instead and made workers comp reimburse them. You can force workers comp to either find a doctor in YOUR area that practices in the specialty YOU need or they have to reimburse you  in a TIMELY manner for your medical expenses until the case is settled. If it is settled there shouldn’t be an issue of who you see. In CA NO ATTORNEY is allowed to accept money until your case settles and it is the judge that decides how much they get. I went through 3 attorneys never found an “honest” one or good one and paid a humongous price! Now I fight tooth and nail for my care and still it seems impossible to find a doctor that cares. The one I had that did died. I need minimally invasive spinal surgery for my lumbar, thoracic, and neck but I have great fears of trusting any doctors. The last one I saw treated me like a child and talked to my husband. Insinuated I was a drug addict and nothing was wrong with me and I shouldn’t have had my first back surgery which is now 11 years ago. He didn’t listen to a thing I had to say and clearly had not kept up to date on any research. You should know that most doctors don’t actually read the MRIs anymore. They only read the reports. A good surgeon or doctor will actually read the MRI because radiologists aren’t perfect and often don’t look up your history so they don’t know what changes they should look for. A good doctor will compare older MRIs to newer ones to see what has happened and also X-rays and CT scans can help give a fuller picture. 

    I wish you luck in GA. 

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