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What Veritas-Health has brought to me over the years

dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,072
Most of the time in the past 40 years, I had good understanding  of what to expect from each of my surgeries.  In the beginning of 2005 and through 2006, I was suffering from thoracic disc problems.  MRI indicated that I had four herniated T-discs, but because of the stability of my current spine and the method of thoracic surgery back then, we opted not to have surgery and try to treat it with other options. I joined Spine-Health in 2006 looking for more information about the Thoracic discs.  Back then, there really wasn't much information available.  Most articles stated that the thoracic discs are the strongest, should never herniated and should never cause pain.  Well , anyone suffering from thoracic disc problems, you know the truth!

In 2008, I really became more active with Spine-Health and started to take on the role as a moderator.  That gave me the opportunity to hear so much more about other members conditions, so that I could look it up and do research on the subject.   I started to use Spine-Health as my go-to for any Spinal condition, treatment or surgical procedure.
In 2010, when I was faced with having both shoulders totally replaced, the Arthritis -Health (sister site to Spine-Health)  articles and videos really helped me to understand
the actual procedure and the recovery.  My surgeon was great, he explained the surgery in detail, and said recovery was going to be hard.   All the articles and videos backed that up. 

Then in 2012 and 2013 I had to have both of my hips totally replaced.  Once again, Arthritis-Health provided me with more information that any of my doctors even attempted to
to explain with face to face communications and with simple brochures.   In 2016, I needed a laminectomy to correct severe lumbar stenosis from L2-L5, Spine-Health articles and videos
provided me with so much detail, that I was almost able to talk my surgeon through everything.

About the only time, Veritas-Health didnt help me out was with the quadruple bypass heart surgery this past February !   

So, now I am faced with a torn meniscus tear surgery, along with a potential total knee replacement.  Arthritis-Health again is providing  me with more information than I ever wanted to know about both of those conditions, surgeries and recoveries.   Right now, I am scheduled for an arthroscopy meniscus surgery on Sept 21st.    The surgeon though feels that is only going to give me some relief, because  of the amount of arthritis that is already in the knee joint.   He is just reluctant to do a complete knee replaced this year, only because I had that major heart surgery in February., but feels confident that that is what I am going to need soon.

I've postponed this knee thing for most of the summer.  I wanted to enjoy the summery, although it was either 99 degrees or raining.  But I know its time now, because its more difficult for me to get around without my knee giving out, which has effected my gait causing flare ups in my lower back, shoulders and neck.

I think about all of this and realize how lucky I have been to have a resource like Veritas-Health.    But as with every other surgery, once its done, the problem gets resolved and I just keep moving on.

I just hope that all of our many member realize how lucky they are to have all the resources that Veritas-Health provides.



  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 6,443

    Sorry about the upcoming surgery but hopefully this will elevate most of the pain until you need a total knee replacement.

     I have been on Spine-Health for 2 years. In that time, because of Veritas-Health, I know more about my spine condition  than I ever imagined I would know. I came here looking for information on a pain pump and found, not only that, but some of the most caring and considerate members you could ask for.

    As Moderators and members we don't have all of the answers. But Veritas-Health has given us the resources to find out almost anything we want to know. I have read articles on different surgical procedures, injections, exercises, medicine, diagnostic test, what questions to ask a doctor, etc. 

    Being your own health advocate takes research and knowledge. And Veritas-Health has provided both. So, please take advantage of all they have provided.

    Veritas-Health Forum Moderator
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  • gfishggfish Pittsburgh PAPosts: 239
    edited 11/04/2018 - 8:31 PM

    I am usually on spine health a few times a day. The info that Veritas-Health has is priceless. As Sandra has said, I know more about my spine condition  than I ever imagined I would know.  I have been here 4 years now. And its one of my top sites on my home page.  


    Greg fisher
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  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 6,443

    Knowing more about your spine conditions are more important than ever. It makes us better advocates for our own health and helps guide us into making better decisions for ourselves. Plus, throw in all the experiences of other members.
    When replying to members, new or old, I use the articles we have available. Not as a shortcut answer but as a viable tool written by healthcare professionals.
    But we also have to thank Ron for putting the articles out there, he does a great job.

    Veritas-Health Forum Moderator
    Please read my  Medical Story  
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