Disc extrusion & protrusion L4-L5

My MRI came back with what seems to be a seriously messed up disc. My neuro referred me to a spine surgeon so it must be pretty bad? 

Left paracentral extrusion measuring 18mm transverse x 17mm AP x 22mm craniocaudal producing narrowing of central canal measuring 5mm transverse x 14mm AP. Complete effacement of left subarticular zone and traversing L5 nerve root; 

3mm right foraminal disc protrusion encroaching on right subarticular zone, abutting the traverse right L5 nerve root

Moderate bilateral foraminal narrowing

The internet is really lacking in info regarding multiple hernias so I thought I'd ask.



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    moderate some more treatments may be needed, ie spinal injections, ultra sound and stronger medications. always a possibility of more aggressive treatment if the conservative measures don't help 

    severe need for stronger medications. the requirement for surgery may be necessary  

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  • So easy to understand, right? Sounds like you haven't met with your doctor yet. I'm sure he'll be able to put this into context of what bits are concerning and what bits are common wear. Good luck

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