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My name is Marcia, I live and suffer in Melbourne, Fla.  I have been a chronic pain   Human for about  8 yr. I have been fighting    with scoliosis, which has progressed  to severe.  Due to the CDC guidelines, my pain has not been under control since the new law was passed.  I was doing fair on Fentanyl 50 and dilaudid 4mg. 3-4xday .  Then pow, they cut it all down to Fentanyl 25mg and Dilaudid 4mg.  2xday.  I was desperate and on July I had a pain pump put in. That was a most traumatic surgery I have ever had.  It looked like I was 6mo. pregnant, and the lump was on one side. At my age, it was not  appreciated  It was finally starting to help, then  3 days after put in,  an infection happened.  I think hospital acquired. Pseudomonas.  Then they call, get to the hospital asap.  IV antibiotics, then MD says, you have to have it out.  Such more pain and suffering, and expense.  Now, my pain MD, still won't increase my meds. Hopefully when I finally get into see him, he will change my meds.  But,when I asked the PA, she told me, if I change to methadone, he will not rx the fentanyl or any other long acting med.  10mg. of methadone doesn't sound like enough to me.  Years ago, I took methadone 40mg 2 or 3xday.  This DNA testing sounds interesting, I appreciate that info.  I'm going to ask him about this.  And today, my home care nurse told me about genomic testing with CBD oil.  To find out what certain kind of plant will suit my needs.  I use OTC CBD oil now, around 250-350mg, and that helps to relax me a little.  I appreciate all knowledge on chronic pain. 



  • The only thing I would caution you with is if you have any cardiac issues.  CBD oil is contraindicated for anyone that has issues with their heart's.  You may want to speak with your Primary Care Doctor to make sure there isn't going to be a problem.

  • Hi memerainbolt! Can you tell me a little about the dna testing you had and some of the info it gave you to help with your pain? I have always considered having it done but would love to hear from some who has. Any info would be helpful as I am laying here on a heating pad in pain. Waiting for approval from insurance for thermal ablation for c spine. Thanks so m

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  • Hi there,

      I had the Genomic DNA test done as well.  It found that I am a "Poor Metabolizer" for specific opioid medications.  I kept telling my PCP that the meds he was prescribing wasn't working.  After doing this test, it was confirmed that they were not working.  So, I was moved to a different group of opioids which did work.  It is well worth having the test done!


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