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My story of cauda equina from an accident

Hi I would like to share my experience with cauda equine. While searching on the internet I came across so many sad stories that I feel like I should also share mine. 

I am 24 male , five months ago I fell from a height of about 25 feet and broke my back.  I had L3/L4 burst fracture and I was unable to stand after the injury.  I could move my legs, there was no loss of power in my legs.  After reaching the hospital I realized that I could not pass urine or stools,  there was almost no sensation in that area. Doctors inserted a Foleys catheter and I was given stool softeners.

Two days later I underwent L3, L4, L5 laminectomy and L2 to S1 fusion.  After the operation the neurosurgeon told my family that the injury was really bad and I was unlikely to ever recover,  nobody told me this at that time which was a really good thing.

I was asked to stand and walk after a week,  I could do both, but while sitting I could not feel my buttocks,  it felt like a box is attached to my hips. I did bladder training for two months by clamping the catherter. It was removed after those two months. I could now feel the urge to pass urine but passing urine required me to put a lot of pressure using the abdomen muscles. I started to pass stools on my own 15 days after the surgery but again it required a lot of pressure and there was no associated urge to pass stools, I just did it at fixed times everyday. I also could not get an erection. 

For five months, I did kegel exercises everyday and ate really healthy food. I was also given calcium tablets and gabapin. I stopped taking gabapin after two months. There was a lot of very short lived burning pain in the genital area and hips,  there still is but now I don't have any numb area in the hips. The burning pain is from regenerating nerves. I can also pass urine, the urine stream is very good and now I also get the sensation that the bladder has emptied.  I can also get erections and able to ejaculate as well. Urinating still requires some pressure but it is way better now. Yesterday I visited the neurosurgeon and he was really happy and shocked that I made a recovery.

Sorry for the bad english, it is not my native language.



  • Great news! And your English is excellent as well! 

  • Glad to read you story got better, as I was feeling incredibly sad for you. Keep it up

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  • ashish15aashish15 Posts: 1
    edited 01/01/2019 - 4:55 AM

    Androo don't feel sad about me.  Today I visited my neurosurgeon again. He told me that the fusion is complete now and I can do whatever I like after one more year except bungee jumping and skydiving. 

    My condition has also improved a lot in the previous months. My urine and bowel movement are almost like they were before the accident. On a scale of 1 to 10 regarding my recovery I'd say my recovery is at 9 which includes recovery in sexual function as well. It sounds odd but a disrupted sexual function was a real confidence killer. 

    I wonder if the nerves actually regenerates to the full extent or if our body adapts and make use of whatever has regenerated. 

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