Has Anyone Had Neck-Base of Skull Cracking / Stiffness Like this?

Hi everyone,

Brand new, glad to be aboard these forums and hope to connect with others sharing similar problems.

I've had for maybe several years now this issue where if I keep my head still, my neck at the base of my skull stiffens within a few seconds and cracks and continues to do so indefinitely. It's that feeling you get if you crack a joint, except this keeps 



  • I can roll my head and occasionally hear (& feel) a very loud pop, almost like rapping your knuckle on a wood desk. Three doctors had said don't worry, live with it. I don't really agree because my hands and part of my arms, especially the right side, will get a "soft" tingling and I'll lose my manual dexterity. When one doctor looked at my cervical x-rays his repeated comments were "That's not right". I strongly suggest you go to a doctor, preferably an orthopedist, and get a quality x-ray taken of the region.

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