What's the point of all this pain

I often why some people suffer chronic pain and what's the point of life if you have to live in daily chronic pain. 

It gets so tiring.



  • I personally think that chronic pain is one of the toughest things life can throw at you. To get through it you need to dig deep. You need all your strength, determination, and intelligence. Its not easy but maybe you'll surprise yourself, and everyone around you.

  • Is that all life seems..Pain?

    Is it dominating everything else above all?

    It can be the be all end all if you choose so.

    We dont choose to live in chronic pain.

    It was not a choice, but we do choose how to deal with it.

    We do have a choice. I suffer the effects of my injuries..but dont suffer .Muscular,nerve and bone are put in such a way that it causes pain to happen.

    But whether a person suffers can be a choice.

    Pain is a part of my every waking hour...


    Life moved on without me..then i chose not to be victimised by an attitude,state of mind or capacity for self derision\delusion.

    I chose to live TO spite the pain

    Chose to live IN spite of pain.

    Simply severed that connection of pain and suffering and moved on.

    Learning to walk was frustrating

    Hand eye coordination was frustrating

    Learning to run was really a pain

    Figuring out that I was still a person wrapped in a shell of pain was hard.

    One day deciding i had enough and started to live withing my cage was easy..had plenty of practice learning limits and stopped worrying about what was..and moved on to what is what can be.

    People live because they must..there is too much life left inside to be contained by a shell of pain.

    All roads go somewhere

    No roads go nowhere..and just moving forward is a road

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  • I believe we can learn much from our pain. Things like how to be more sympathetic and compassionate towards others. It can be character building as we learn how to smile, be happy, amd bring joy to others through our pain. We can always take our pain, and use it to uplift others. In that sense its a gift. What better satisfaction is there than to help another find happiness, joy, and love? Especially with peace and understanding?

  • We can help and pray with others, I been through 8 spine surgeries and been living in pain for 37yrs, with a 5yr break from pain for 5yrs I got pain free from 2008 to 2013 , then I hurt myself and had to have another level fused and now I fell 6 months ago and they have to fuse another level, then I should be good again.

  • I think pain can make you stronger. I have dealt with many things and as much as I hate the saying "this to shall pass". Their is truth to that. Every time i get up as uncomfortable as it might be i am grateful for another day. Dont let pain beat you. Cuss at it moan and groan cry if you need to. Just don't let it bring you down. We are warrior strong those of us with chronic pain fight the biggest battles and that is ourselves. Read encouraging qoutes on your down days. That's what I do and it really can help. Soak in the sunshine that's a big one for me. I feel your pain power through we got this even though some days it's crap we can move forward. Chin up buttercup better days are coming.

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