IFuse surgery 15 months ago and still not recovered

Still in bad pain (6-8) with nothing showing up on MRI, CT, x-ray. The only thing that hasn't been checked was whether the fusion has ACTUALLY WORKED. How long should I wait to contact my surgeon again? Any help appreciated. Thanks.



  • BTW - in case anyone reads this post - I have been diagnosed with severe pseudoarthrosis due to a non-union (non-fusion) after this process. It has been 22 months of misery. I'm scheduled to have a revision June 4. Please - for anyone who is having iFuse - please note that this hardware is PERMANENT. You cannot remove these pegs - my surgeon who only does spine revisions - is working around the current hardware with donor bone and infuse. I'm scared to death, but I am at a 7-8 pain (I consider pushing a baby out at "8") every day of my life so I have no life and need to do this.


  • Hi Rob,

    Glad you have gotten to the bottom of the problem and wishing you all the best for your revision.  Hard to believe your surgeon did not note this, especially if you had a CT, which I think is the gold standard for spotting a non-fusion.   

    Which levels did you have fused originally?  


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  • Jerome001Jerome001 Cocoa Beach, FloridaPosts: 259

    If your MRI, CT, and X-Ray covered the fusion level I expect your surgeon would have noticed if you did not fuse - presuming of course that you had periodic post fusion surgery follow-up with the surgeon. I had a lot of pain caused by post fusion surgery scar tissue. During my last set of fusions the surgeon removed much of the scar tissue which seems to have greatly helped. I would inquire about that too. Good luck!

  • Robmj I am so sorry you been suffering so.

      I for one do suffer from si joint dysfunction.  I've been reading alot of the pros and cons of the infuse system and by far this is the worst out come. Its seems to work well for some but others like yourself is were the problem lies with it..because of the fact those screws they drill in are so hard to remove or impossible in some cases..

      Rob I am hoping the revision gives you some relief  please continue to update your progress. And best wishes for a easier more speedy recovery. 

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