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6 weeks post op on l5s1

Hi I'm a self employed painter decorator for 17 years, sadly 5 years ago I got a disc bulge. After a very long time I finally got someone to believe I was in pain. I had a private scan(which sadly turned out not to be my scan, my disc but not my data) I saw a specialist who was happy to perform an alif. I was over joyed at the thought of finally being pain free. I had my op on the 18th Aug 2018. When I woke my tummy was sore but I slightly moved my pelvis and I was ecstatic no pain whatsoever. This continued for 3 weeks, I was so happy. But then sadly my left bum started to hurt a bit then my coccyx and then my whole lower back, I've seen the psyhio twice now. I've done everything by the book, going for walks no twisting no bending, perfect patient. I just can't understand how I've gone from pain free to feeling like I was before the op. This is a very worrying time for me as being self employed I've got no money coming in, worried I'm not going to be able to continue with my business and worse going through this awful back ache again. I see my specialist today and I know I will be xrayed but I'm so scared the op hasn't worked and just don't know where this will leave me mentality. I was able to drive again yesterday and took my van for a short journey all was ok not much discomfort but when I went to get out of my van my back was so tight, I've had this feeling for 5 years every lunch time getting out of the van after lunch to start work again. I sat there and cried, I've gone through mayor surgery to be the same 6 weeks post op. Also I cried alot for 5 years with the pain going to work etc, but since my back starting aching again I'm bawling every day, I need this ache to stop and my depression to lift. 



  • I have had 3 microdiscectomies. Did you go straight for a fusion without trying the less invasive microdiscectomy.first? However you can have pain with either for quite a bit afterwards. You don't feel much or anything the first 2 or 3 weeks due to the fact that they put a lot of anaesthetic around the area. If you do like I did it usually means more trouble. However you said you were fine for 3 weeks. You have had major surgery and it will hurt but with time it should get better. I have now bad PA n but it turns out to be scar tissue so hopefully it will resolve. Keep optimistic.

  • I am in the same boat. I am 10 weeks post op. I reherniated my disc and now it has an annular tear as well. Back is pretty stiff in the morning and i got numbness in my left leg. I cannot sit for more than 10 mins. I just screwed up big time. I tried to be aggressive and injured myself again. Psychologically I am almost destroyed. Going through a major surgery and after that the problem still persist. This feeling that I put myself in this situation is killing me:(

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