Having horrible pain in left side after i had surg on right side L5 S1

I am a 35 yr old male. Back in may i had a microdisetomy and a laminotmy L5 S1. Its was on right side i was losing strenght. Numb from hip down and horrible pain. Now its 5 months later and i am having a whole new horrific pain on left side. I cant do dishes or cut up food standing for more then 5 mins without having to lay down. Its nothing like what was going on with the right side before surgery. Now if i lay on stomach or when i am at pt they stick heating pad under lower back and put my feet up. That kills me everytime. I would say if feels like theres a small golf ball in there. Not from touch but just the feeling alone. I would say my back has to be like 2 lego pieces touching straight across. But what it feel like is one of the legos it sitting up higher then the other which cause horrible pain. So i have neen have trouble urinating for over 2 weeks. Been to the er. The scaned kidneys prostate ans bladder . All normal. So i went to er again yesterday because my fear is that its something to do with spinal cord. So tgey do a normal mri. Not with contrast. Dr says your mri isnt horrible. But we see nothing on side your having pain. And blamed the urinating problem on meds or my blown disc before surgery. This is now the 3 time in 6 weeks i am having trouble using the bathroom. So meds i dont believe it. And blaming it on my prior problems i dont believe that either. I never had bathroom issues untill i had surg. I believe i nees mri with contrast to see whats going on. This pain is mind blowing. Im in bed almost all day because of it. Anyone have any idea about the new pain or bath problems?



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    As moderator said the other day, most times when you have a new MRI post-op, it’s performed with and without contrast.

    Maybe ask the doctor if an MRI with and without contrast is an option. That’s what I would do anyway. 

    Good luck. Please keep us posted.

  • Thank you.

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    When I had my initial L5-S1 fusion it was from the back with no bathroom related issues. When I had the L5-S1 fusion redone by ALIF the surgeon advised that I could have some "male" related issues and I have. Not so much pain as other inconveniences and another side effect similar to having a vasectomy. I hope I'm not being too graphic or embarrassing for anyone but I believe the more open we our with our experiences the more we can help others. Hope you get some relief soon!

  • Every comment is helpful. Thank you

  • I don;t know if this is applicable to your situation or not:  My wife only had pain and weakness in her left leg when she had her L4-L5 microdiscectomy in October 2017.  Months later, she developed pain in her right leg even though the MRI did not show re-herniation.  A neurosurgeon explained that the large amount of disc tissue that had to be removed at the microdiscectomy resulted in joint instability (i.e. there wasn't enough disc left to fully support the upper vertebra) that would affect both sides.     

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  • I had this same surgery done, also in May, same level, only difference was that my pain was originally on the left. Around the second week of August I started experiencing exactly what you are describing, and my neuro sent me for mri with and without contrast. Without didnt show a whole lot, but with contrast showed that they had actually missed a tiny piece of disc that had been cut out, and the scar tissue that had formed was holding it directly against my spinal nerve. Because the scar tissue took a bit to form, i didnt have pain initially. I had a revision surgery done the first week of september and other than normal healing, have been fine since. I really recommend pushing for a contrast mri, as you could have something similar that is being missed.

  • I appreciate all of your help. Thank you and im 100 pushing for mri with contrast

  • Impression

    1. Postoperative findings are present of right L5 laminotomy. There
    is small right paracentral disc protrusion, decreased from
    03/06/2018, without significant mass effect on the traversing right
    S1 nerve root. Granulation tissue is present within the right aspect
    of the spinal canal at the L5-S1 level. Mild right neural foraminal
    stenosis has slightly decreased.
    2. No significant lumbar spinal canal stenosis.

  • I finaly got my mri without contrast. And here is the impression..... to me it seems dics is slipping once again aswell as scar tissue on spinal cord

  • Sorry finaly got mri results from the mri i had a week ago

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