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Heavenly 2015 to now



  • So im going to go on a little rant because one im confused and two im frustrated 

    So my Pain Management appoitment was a mess the NP was not clear on what was really going on stating i had a MRI of my Lumbar spine in 2016 and this year as well

    NEVER HAD A LUMBAR MRI IN 2017! The  she just tosses in i have Spinal Stenosis and DDD together the askes me if i had bloodwork related to my back she does tests to see what hurts by the time that shes sit down to her desk im almost in tears because she dosent listen to me and thank goodness my mother called and i needed to leave asap so i said i had to leave she took me to make a new appt and the lady wasnt there i tell her to call me with an appt preferrbally a TUESDAY but its made on a day i have no ride down im just done with that Center

    My sister is willing to take me to a clinic two hours away to have a secone opinion

  • Can they together make back pain worse?

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  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,303
    edited 07/17/2019 - 9:17 AM

    I was living with Degenerative Disc Disease both in my lumbar and cervical areas for over 20 years.  Yes, there was daily pain, but through exercises and occasional NSAIDs, I was able to mange that.    I had Spinal stenosis in my lumbar region identified back in 2009.  In 2013, a mri image indicated L2/L3 as mild stenosis.  In 2016, the mri image came back with L2-L5 severe stenosis with less than 3mm in cord depth.  For that surgery happened almost immediately.

  • Yeah so last night im not to happy to report i had one incident of incontinence and more symtoms today then what it was like neutopathy down my right leg  to my foot i cant wait for the appt tuesday

  • Happy Holidays!  The past few weeks after tthr second opinion I was told that my treatment for what I have now is on point 

    But There has been a pressure type of pain in my lumbar spine and I am feeling some slight discomfort iin my legs I have a appt in Feb so I try and holds out

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  • Happy New Year! is it a little late for that? anyways a little update the weather has been wild i have been working alot more so im not a homebody which helps with the pain this morning waking up  was quite painful prior to this ive had low-no pain now id say ts easily a 2-5 pain scale

    i have a new PA at the pain managemet clinic ive been going to i have never met her so may be she wll be easier to talk to also should i need and surgical care my Neurosurgon s right there in the same area

    im willing to give this new person a chance and see what happens like ive said when i went for the second opinion they told me where i am now is doing everything right and im getting good care maybe i just need to listen more worry less

  • Thursday, i saw Pain management and talked to a PA and not the NP she had left the practive the Pa was vary helpful open and honest she was worried that somthings happend and wants a new MRI which i must say my insurence cleared in less then a few hours after i saw her i DID check with my insurence and they set me up with a follow up with the pain managment doctor

    what got me was she listened and offered suggestions and she asked me to consider CBD oil for  help and also looked at me and commented that my relationship with  my psycologist is good and that hes a message away (he and his wife will let me text them for meds and stuff} she orderd a back brace for now i do feel ive been blessed with a good PA and that i have faith now

    she also mentioned after the MRI and results i may need surgery she wants to explore that option and that does make me feel comfortable knowing she knows what shes doing and dosent think seeing my neurosuegon will hurt

    the pain is at a constant 7-10 it was 9 at the appt im not really getting much releif anymore even after walking 3x a week and being active i rest when i can and i try not to stay down for too long but i really try ive lost alot of weight i am not under 200 lbs and working harder then ever

  • So as of yesterday the results of my MRI show post Surgical changes 2 herniated discs and L4-S1 facet Joint Hypertrophy 

    I also orderd my back brace and will come after paperwork is done since None of my local medical equipment stores i called my insurence and the first time i got a company that didnt supply Braces so had to Call my Medical insurence again and they spent a good half hour looking for a place that is in network and she didnt want to give option unfortunately she only got one and she didnt wqnt tl.keep me waiting as a partner company is on hold

    Onto the company i got my brace from it was easy My mom measured my waist  and we got the perfect fit and the person i spoke to was awesome about the Fitting and wanting to make sure everything was all done 

    Since i met the New PA i have Faith in my Pain management team again they also reached out to my Surgeon for a consultation after i see the Pain management doctor who is a orthopedic spine specialist 

    If anyone has and Doubts post surgery with New problems please be paitent as i have Been

    I am 27 and i am too young to be dealing with this BUT i have a supportive family and friends who want nothing but the best and have been there for me

    Never give up hope

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