Heavenly 2015 to now

in late 2014 to may of april of 2015 i had a severly herniated disc that a week after consult i was having it repaired and healing process again my stitches were removed and spinal leaked so i went to the hospital i had surgery to find out i had a small bump leaking after stitches which i left at 9pm to 4am for a er appoitment

after that i started pain mangement and had series of injections and offerd a spinal cord stimulator i declined mutliple times because i have a pitutary Tumor and i need yearly Mris so i cannot have one

then i am digsnosed with Degenertive Disc Disease and as told because i am 26 and not in a bad shape as of the first few months

the last few months ive had alot of pain and it effects my quality of life and what the doctors said was theres not much you can do about DDD and just gave meds and six month check ups and its hard to deal even at my age i work hard to maintain a good heathy life ive lost weight PT critopractor dosent help ive tried it all

i had a never study of my arm following a neck MrI i go back to pain management next month

i feel i should ask for a second opioin by a diffrent doctor 

i feel only being 26 this DDD is a big limitation but i work with it i enjoy as much as i can

i try hard to be my best when i feel bad im currently on tizanadine gabapentin and mobic for the pain management im trying to walk and keep active

my conserns are:

will my DDD  get worse as i age or will i need surgery down the road? i have a mild case os cerbal palsy so that also adds to the DDD pain



  • Okay thank you!  I feel bad and my sister and i discussed a second opion as the pain management team i am working wifh does not get that because ive has a tumor i need yearly MRI tests for monitoring the tumor even if  it is gone they still want to monitor it i also had a neve study on my arm which now hurts and my right leg hurts Again after months and im vary uncomfortable with going to see my PM team

    As far as a Second Opion should i consult my Neurosurgon or another Pain management group?

  • im seeking a second opinion at a diffrent pain management clinic and going from there as of right now 

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  • I guess the pain management/neurology system work together but i cant get in untill the end of the month i am going to look into a tens unit or how artificial discs work which is worth looking into 

  • the past week has been hard on me i fell in Walmart and it added to the already almost disabling pain sweepng the floor was  vary painful i have been losing weight and being active but the pain does not end and its getting to me emotionally i dont know what to do i did speak to my therepist and he says he wishes he could take the pain away for me he hates seeing me in pain everyone does 

    im just lost

  • as of today i have lumbar spinal stenosis and Lumber DDD combined with a past of lyme disease and a mind case of cerebal palsy

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  • So sorry you are goign through this. FIRST find a Neurosurgeon that will LISTEN to you.  find one that will take the time to answer questions.  I have one that is amazing and he has been awesome with all I have gone through.  It CAN get better, not all can be fixed through surgery, nor should it be attempted, BUT a GOOD doc will have other options beside "live with it".

  • i saw a pain management NP for about a year the doctor is so far booked out she said blood test and im like wait why? i have a mild case of cerebal palsy and other issues and i already am going for a second opinion it just frusrated me how can  have both? is it an overlap?

  • Jerome001Jerome001 Cocoa Beach, FloridaPosts: 259

    Heavenlyrae, sorry I cannot help other than to say you are not alone. I wish I could do something for you.

  • I know being 26 and its so frustrating to be told that theres nothing they can do i go for a second opinion after thanksgiving a week after

  • So im going to go on a little rant because one im confused and two im frustrated 

    So my Pain Management appoitment was a mess the NP was not clear on what was really going on stating i had a MRI of my Lumbar spine in 2016 and this year as well

    NEVER HAD A LUMBAR MRI IN 2017! The  she just tosses in i have Spinal Stenosis and DDD together the askes me if i had bloodwork related to my back she does tests to see what hurts by the time that shes sit down to her desk im almost in tears because she dosent listen to me and thank goodness my mother called and i needed to leave asap so i said i had to leave she took me to make a new appt and the lady wasnt there i tell her to call me with an appt preferrbally a TUESDAY but its made on a day i have no ride down im just done with that Center

    My sister is willing to take me to a clinic two hours away to have a secone opinion

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