Annular tear l5 s1 possible sacrociilitis or joint inflammation

hello everyone 

I wanted to tell my story to see if people can relate and help me to understand ( I apologized for my English that is a second language) 

I was a long distance runner. In January 2018 I felt a pain on my right side close to my hip nothing horrible like a strong pressure. The next day I went for a easy flat run I pushed to follow friends who are faster than me but nothing crazy. At the end of that I stretched usually I don't but because of that side pain I thought it will be a good idea. But when sitting in my car I felt an horrible pain in the lower center of my back. Return home was very difficult. 

Went to see a PA that put me on muscle relaxant for a week then told me that I could return to normal.

I returned to running but the pain came back after each run so return to see a doctor in February now he said it was my sacroiliac because I mentioned having pain close to the sacrum too.  I said but I have pain in the lumbar too but he dismissed it said it was ligaments and joint that I should be ok that I can keep running just lower my mileage.

Pain didn't go away try to see a chiropractor but she was way too aggressive and I felt even worse after.

Now cooking or gardening is impossible I can't squat and I can't bend forward without getting worse pain

At that point I m having difficulty to drive  So return to the doctor we are in April now he said OK stop all activities for now and send me to x-ray and bone scan 

Nothing there I asked if I could get an MRI he said he doesn't  think it's necessary but send me to physical therapy 

Physical therapy was tough especially because I had to drive there and it was now a torture. Didn't feel any improvement 

Return to the doctor mentioned that my lumbar pain is getting worse get literally asked if it could be period pain still no MRI no pain killer nothing told me to use heat pad. I went abroad for a wedding I was lucky to be in business with a lying seat. During the 2 weeks  I literally drugged myself up with flexeril meloxican that I had from a previous injury. On my way back they changed my itinerary and up  doing a 5 hours domestic connection on very straight seat. Absolute torture 

Now I went back to the doctor said I WANT AN MRI had to wait insurance approval then availability on August 4th finally a nurse call and said you have a tear the doctor is sending you to an orthopedic surgeon not even a call from him Need to wait for insurance approval again then availability August 20 or something around that I saw the specialist... 5 minutes didn't let me ask questions said we don't do surgery for this you need injection. 

Last week of August Had to go to the ER after a family dinner outside where we sit and had to be in the car too getting there. They gave me some ice packs and valium and percocet and discharged me but gave me advice about buying ice blanket heating pad tens unit and try chiropractor. The doctor there was the one who acknowledged for the first time my level of pain 

Again insurance approval wait list for the injections. Had the first on September 8...nothing beside a bad allergic reaction second on September 24th I had few days of partial relief. 

In the meantime I started to see a new chiropractor that did spinal decompression sometimes it helps for few hours to a couple of days Sometimes it made it worse.

Now I can't sit at all not even to put my shoes on I can walk or lie down the pain is always there but it won't make it worse 

Every 4 to 5 days I have flares up of 7 to 9 level of pain that make me cry. Of course now I m fighting with depression too

Had a second appointment with orthopedic still saying I m not a candidate for surgery proposed to get a corset but put me on celebrex I had bad side effects so switched to nabumetone 500 mg twice a  week  I m not sure it's helping but I didn't take them for long now 

I feel nauseous and don't have any appetite 

Today I m visiting a clinic for a corset fitting 

Voilà voilà 

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  • How horrific!  I had to go through the “chiropractor-physical therapy-cortisone injection” treatment before anyone even remotely thought of surgery.  The neurosurgeon that treated my wife’s neck (fusion) recommended I follow the path to injections, after viewing my MRI.  One year later, I get approval for a fresh MRI.  Same neurosurgeon says degenerative discs are too far gone, now- he can’t help me.  Coworker recommended a neurosurgeon in Atlanta, that helped his daughter successfully.  

    He agreed to need for surgery, recommended TLIF for L-5, L-4, L-3.  When he “opened me up”, he found S-1 needed fusion, as well.  I returned to work after 3 months (which included one month of physical therapy), and just received the last follow up- 2 years post-op, where doctor said remaining minimal pain is muscles which are being strengthened.  I avoided bending and twisting as much as possible for past two I’m focusing on gradually building those muscles up.  

    I hope a second opinion can be your best solution, too!

  • Thank you for your comment 

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  • You're quite welcome!  I hope the injections help.  If not, I hope you find someone like my surgeon- that specialized in sports injuries.

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