Eating a LOT of Tuna

I broke a tooth and while i wait for the thing to fall out i tried a liquid protien diet out of those 20g bottles..nooo go.

So i have been doing 4 cans of tuna a nite(work) spaced about 5 hrs apart x 2

What i found is that sugars now make me feel..ughhhh, sodas are really blagh (dark ones) amd candy? Forget it.

This crash clean diet has re set my tummy.,

Of a sudden, clean foods are what i am craving. I only use lemon pepper on the yellowfin in a pull tab can..although as my,buddy noticed..what??? It dont fall out the can like catfood? 


I am turning toward a basically asian based diet of white meats,rice and veggies in hope of losing a vast amount of weight safely and,keeping it off.



  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,830

    Way to go William!!! 
    We always seem to find out what works best for us.

  • How about sardines? 

    Sardines are high in protein and omega 3.

    I tried eating a tuna diet and got burned out by it.

    I think most folks need a certain variety of food or else they’re prone to getting bored and “falling off the wagon.”

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  • Love sardines!...I was already branching out with squid..but what they call large chunks leaves a lot to be desired.

    The smaller cans of sardines with flavors added are good..but portion size leaves me high and dry. Herring works for me too.

    I will probably toss in a can or two of the little guys this week.

    The brands i use and specie is a smaller tuna, so less risk of methyl mercury levels passing 1ppm.

    Ive been exposed to many and worse terratogenic,mutagenic and carcinogenic chemicals as well as radiation in my past trucking carreer hauling hazardous matierials.

    I will die of most likely lung or liver cancer before the mercury gets me. But..i do worry about it.

    Going to add some type of veggie rice or something similar to make,a more rounded meal.

    I heard unflavored rice cakes were a very good option? So i may try..I dont use mayo or anything except lemon pepper so maybe a lemon packet or two may help!

    I was going to,transition to an ethnic based diet and asian seems to be easiest. There is a show featuring Scandinavian food that looks promising too.

    On an aside..i was craving a donut so i indulged..only to be greeted by the ughs...

    So a clean low fat diet is working!

  • A small aside

    The diet is limited on purpose so i can try different things and eliminate from a known baseline.

    I do eat lots of fruit along with the tuna..almost zero white bread an my usual gallon of water.

    Hopefully in the next weeks ill branch out further

  • anchovies etc...smaller fish is supposedly less contaminated, unless you know the source of the Tuna , Salmon and's sad our food is so badly contaminated, we did this and we expect nature to be kind to us... :( anyhow, I share your idea for source of vitamins; I am having at least 2 tuna sandwiches a week---the avocado mayo is delicious in it..

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  • Avocado..Mayo????

    Its a thing??? Yum!!!!!!!!

  • yes, it's mayonnaise made of avocado is real! hahaha 

  • Tuna is great for you - but you may want to research ungodly tuna consumption to see if there are any downside risks.

    The American Heart Association recommends eating omega-3-rich fish, such astuna, twice a week for good health. It's wise, however, to vary what you choose. Because tuna is a source of mercury, you should avoid eating it daily, especially higher-mercury varieties like albacore tuna.Oct 3, 2017

  • No doubt..yellofin has the texture i like and mild flavor.

    Any seafood is my catnip!!! Going to switch up to sardines ...after turkey day.

    My diet cleans up quick..a dark soda makes me..slllooooooow...for some reason.

    Snack foods..junk food almost makes me ill now.

    Rice cakes,bagles,dried cranberries are the fillers behind the fish.

    Almost lost 6 inches so far..and sadly..i have a ton of energy..bad..because i work nites and need as much sleep as possible during days.

    I love squid and octopus in olive oil too.

    I wont go vegitarian..but am trying piscatarian route with fresh as possible vegs.

    Tuna does get kinda old after a while too

  • dilauro excellent to have a son chef! in my case is my sister , but she lives in a different state...anyhow, the  seared tuna sounds fantastic!

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,830

    I love the fish with heads and tails, bass, blue gill, catfish, rolled in corn meal and fried. 
    Craw fish boiled and seasoned, suck the heads and eat the tails!!
    Salmon cooked on a cedar plant with lemon.
    Scallops seared in butter.

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,830

    Also known as mud bugs!! They are sooooo good!

  • Living on the coast has many advantages..except crab meat...hate rhe smell of ctab cooking

    Swordfish, Mahi,red and black drum are fresh daily and tuna is a special treat..theres now a Poke' bar here!

    Blackened everything seems,to rule..alligator gar is an especial holiday yummy food for those who know...

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,830

    Alligator gar, not one of my favorites, too oily. And sooo ugly lol

  • But

    But..its soooo...yummy...

    Especially in a folded flour tortilla with cilantro,a spritz of lemon or lime..cracked,pepper a drizzle of sea salt

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,830

    I can't get it here, but used to make groper tacos.

  • Uuuuuu...grouper...1


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