a manga about wheelchair basketball

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I just thought I would make myself vulnerable and expose my geeky side because this is something that really helped me...  If you like to read stories in the form of comic books, graphic novels, or manga, then you might like to check this out

REAL is a 14 volume manga by Takehiko Inoue about wheelchair basketball.  The story follows three protagonists, all of them are high school aged.  One is a track athlete who had part of his leg amputated, another is a young man who caused an accident that paralyzed a girl he just met, and the third is a narcissistic, athletic and intelligent student who is run over by a truck and paralyzed.  I'm not going to get into the story any further, but it is incredibly vivid, depicting very raw and real emotional responses to trauma.  When I read it, I couldn't believe that someone put so much time and effort into making a story about things that I understood, but thought I would never see someone else depict.  I also felt propelled, along with the characters, to keep moving forward.  I actually felt more energy and optimism after reading it...  It's invaluable to feel like you've been understood, and I think the author researched and came to understand a lot of things about spinal cord injuries and disabilities, and crafted a story to share with the world.  

Recently, I was very depressed and scared and found I couldn't do anything all day...  I was just laying and staring for almost the whole day.  I remembered this story, and pulled a random volume off my bookshelf.  It took me about a half hour of staring at the first page to convince myself to keep going, but as soon as I started, I remembered all the characters and what they went through, and I remembered that I wasn't alone.  I know that stories don't do this for everybody, so if you haven't gotten a lot of strength from stories in the past this may not help you.  But for me it's invaluable.  If I can imagine a better future, then it remains possible.  Even if this post helps only one other person, then I'm glad I made it.  

You can read it in English for free online on various websites, or purchase the books used or new on other various websites...  a google search should help you, but if you can't find it feel free to ask me for help locating it in whatever form you want  :)  I have other recommendations as well, haha 



  • There seems to be a genre of sports anime that really gets into the head of the player.

    Not sure if the name,of it but it shows up in my feed at times.

    Ballroom e Yukoso in its first season

    Haikyuu..which is vollyball

    There was a baseball one i stopped watching

    Wangan Midnite about auto racing as well as Initial D which is about drifting.

    My eyes have grown soft,so reading is gone for now

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