So confused.

I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. I’m 32 and I fell really bad in the shower 3 months ago. Then the lower back and right leg pain started, so much that I have to sleep on my stomach and am limping when I walk. Had to do 6 weeks of PT which made it worse. Finally got my MRI and it said “Minimal disc desiccation at L4-L5. Minimal bilateral neural foraminal narrowing at this level.” I honestly have no clue what this means. I get a call from the nurse and she said the doctor said I just have “normal wear and tear on your back” and to take ibprofren. I can hardly walk or function?! Any advice please :(



  • There are a million different things people say helps your back. I made a list until I found one that helped. I'm not bad enough for surgery but I definitely have a quality change I'm 32 too and it sucks but I have a wonderful support system. Pilates has made my life so much better (pt didn't help) 

  • If I were you I’d take the MRI to a specialist like a neurosurgeon to review.

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  • Hi jayhawkgirl and welcome this is a excellent web-site for support and learning so many excellent videos, articles etc. 
    I agree go see a specialist get a second or third opinion and also MRI's do not show everything. It is important that you learn about your condition and symptoms so you can be educated in what is available out there for help and treatment. Also it can help keeping a journal of what causes your pain to be worse or what helps this can be a helpful thing some times you can find things out about what is going on and also a great too when trying to talk to your doctor.
    Take care Sherri

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