February 2019 Surgery Buddies

Post here if you are having surgery in February, 2019.



  • Hello! I am so glad I found this site. There is so much wonderful information on here. I am having an L5-S1 ALIF on 2/5/19. I am a nervous wreck and have questioned my decision to pursue this surgery more times than I can count. However, I continue to have horrible days of pain to remind me why it was scheduled in the first place. I have had PT, numerous injections, more rounds of Prednisone than I can count, Norco, TENS unit, etc. Nothing has helped for long. 3 years ago my doc suggested microdiscectomy/decompression. Now I am “beyond that repair” and am bone on bone. I am trying to prepare myself and my home for this surgery but continue to struggle. I am an RN and a very busy mom of 2 teenage boys, 13 and 15. I am not used to taking it easy and needed assistance from others. This will be a struggle for me. Any other advice or suggestions are welcome. 

  • Hi Nik, my surgery is on 7th February, so a couple of days after yours. I am 46 and have had hyperkyphosis, apparent since I was a teenager, getting worse over the years. I have managed pain through exercise in the past and my spine has never really stopped me from doing anything. But it has been painful and has made me self conscious.

    Last 10 years have been much harder and the last 3 have been grim. I have global pain with debilitating headaches and fatigue. My curve has progressed to 95 degrees and i have spondylolisthesis of 2 vertebrate.

    I see my surgeon on 28th Jan, to get results of MRI and to learn how long my fusion will need to be.

    I am very excited at the prospect of relieving my symptoms and getting my life back. I am also excited about the aesthetic improvement and hopefully increase in confidence. I am really scared of the post OP pain 

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  • Massive apologies to admins, as i attempted to start posting before reading rules/FAQs...I tried to post multiple times, thinking attempts were failing. Sorry for the unnecessary workload

  • Hi Amanda! I am 45 so we can walk this journey together. I too am excited for the end results and am scared to death for post op/recovery phase. Everything I keep reading talks about patience during recovery. This will be tough as I want instant gratification. I know this won’t happen but one can wish. :)  part of my fear is that I am doing this at such a young age I fear the prospect of other fusions. I also fear that I will be pressured to return to work too soon. Yes, I need money to support my family but I also do not want to ruin or have a set back in recovery. Keep me posted on your MRI results and what type of fusion you are having. Take care! Nikki

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,774
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    Welcome to Feb. Surgery Buddies! We have so many great articles to help you get through this. Below is a link to about every question you could have. But let me know if you need more. When we are used to being super mom's it's hard to stop and even harder to ask or receive help. But it's not the end of the world if you do. Please try to mentally deal with this before surgery so your recovery can go smooth. 

    Take care and keep us posted.

    Welcome to Feb. Surgery Buddies! Please let us know the results of your MRI on the 28th. We have a Moderator, WLLady, who had a full fusion In Dec, 2017. Her thread is titled "my scoliosis" and goes into detail of the surgery and recovery, if you would like to read it. But I will let her know you are here. That's ok about the multiple discussions, we just delete them. Read the link I gave nikcanrn, a lot of valuable information.

    Take care and keep us posted.

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    Hello!  I just learned on Monday I need surgery and there is no time to waste. I'm scheduled for February 13th.  From what I understand they plan to do a posterior fusion of my c3-c6, could also include my c2 once they get a look at it.  I'm told I'll need the neck brace (even in the shower) for 3 months.  I have myleopathy (?) or myopathy,  foraminal stenosis.  Forgive me if I get things confused...this is all so new to me.  Had I known they were going to plan my surgery at that time I would have brought my DH to the appt for him to be my ears and memory.  I have been dealing with this pain for nearly two years with little results so, I didn't really expect the Dr. to say "surgery STAT" !

    I also have Lhermitt's Phenom & Fibromyalgia.

    Is there a thread on this site with definitions for the abbreviations used?  I'm not familiar with the ACFD...etc. jargon.

    I hope all of us Febbies have successful surgeries and recoveries!


  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,774

    Welcome to Feb. Surgery Buddies, we are so glad to have you here. Both of the links Ron sent you will be very helpful in your understanding medical terms better. If there is anything else you need just let us know.

  • Dear Fiona, Nikki and Amanda,

    I am joining you as well. My surgery is (finally!) scheduled for Feb. 14. This will be my second single-level lumbar fusion, but this time they plan to remove and replace the hardware in there already. I am plenty scared, but my disc above the fusion blew so, like Nikki, I have that bone on bone pain. 

    I am 45, have three kids ages 9-11. I have spondylolisthesis that was fused in-situ 12/2015. My new surgeon thinks the problem is that since then I developed a hyperlordosis, so he is going to be carefully realigning that. 

    Glad to have some friends to go through this together  

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,774
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    welcome to feb. surgery buddies!! i am so sorry you are having to go through this again. hopefully this time you will fuse and fully recover.

  • Hello! 

    Glad to have found this sight. I have surgeries scheduled  on February 5th and 8th. Although I cannot recall the name of my surgeries, I do know what they are doing and where. The first one entails anterior T1-C3. I remember being told the discs are removed and replaced by something from a cadaver. A cage is built around each and then screws and a plate (maybe another word was used) is positioned for stability. Then, the second surgery is the same, but posterior T1 or T2 - C3. The thoracic will be decided during surgery. I’m assuming this is the spinal fusion in which many others have mentioned. Yet, when I look up its definition I don’t see mention of the screws and plate. But, I’m quite obviously not familiar with medical terminology. 

    I’m 47 with three children (18, 15 & 12). Naturally, my family wants me to stay positive so I’ve not fully verbalized how frightened I am. Reading through other posts, it is comforting to hear from others with similar surgeries.  I do not have dramatic complications in my life from my spine problems. But, I do have challenges and pain. The only recollection I have regarding the source of this damage to my spine was a wreak 27 years ago.  I’ve no memory of a time without neck pain  

    I look forward to reading more on this site in the days to come. But, wanted to ensure I posted here since my surgery dates are quickly approaching.

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