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Back pain for 6 months.

21 year old male here. Excuse my bad English. Long story short, I tweaked my back because of frequent squatting and a lot of standing up in school 6 months ago.

The pain is dull, located next the the spinn L5-S1 on the left side and radiating a bit along the iliac crest. When I slouch in my lumbar spine (to the left side), or let my left hip "hang", that is when I feel the most pain. Pain worsens as I sit or stand for a long time. To describe it it feels like the ligaments between my spinal processes are going to rip open if I put too much pressure on them. Any sort of slouching in this area causes strong pain... 7/10 

Been to a doctor and physiotherapist who gave the diagnosis lumbago, which is unlikely in this case. A Chiropractor noticed two vertebraes T12-L1 were stuck to the left I think (because of rotational force) and adjusted this 2 months ago. But the pain persists further down.

I'm in deep desperation for help here. It has affected my mental state state tremendously. I am even considering skipping next season in medical school as I wont be able to attend due to pain.

Disc protrusion? Pelvis torsion? Multifidus muscle?




  • If I were you I’d see a neurosurgeon and request an MRI.

    Six months is a long time.

    I would not trust a chiropractor to diagnose me.

    I don’t think all chiropractors are bad but I definitely don’t like the ones who crack and pop you. No way. Thank you, next.

    Have you seen a neurosurgeon or orthopedic spine surgeon yet?

    That would be the route I’d take,

    Pain can be mentally exhausting.

    If you end up postponing a semester or two don’t beat yourself up.

    We only have one body.

  • Just been to a physiotherapist. Based on the findings, he Thinks the reason of my pain is some sort of posteriolateral disc protrusion without nerve compression which is affecting my posterior longitudinal ligament (which explains the "stretching pain" I experience when slouching in the left hip). He told me this can all be over in two weeks and gave me a program (McKenzie and stability exercises).

    Does this sound probable?

    The reason I haven't been to a doctor is because the suck att these types of problems (I have talked to many during lectures). Furthermore, the waiting time for MRI is approx 9 months here. 

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