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Advice for dealing with neck pain

Hi all:

I thought I'd get away with little pain after my second surgery but alas, I was wrong! Seems to be following the same path as my first surgery; two months out and my neck and area above he tippy top of the fusion (T4 I've just found out- not T3 is that better!?) is painful after only 20 minutes of looking down. If I have to read or work while looking down at a desk, the pain comes on and stays even after laying down. I don't want to rely on percocet but to be honest a small amount does help where the tylenol doesn't. Do any of you have experience with anything that helps this pain? I haven't been given and PT this time around either.

I have to remind myself that the surgeries weren't an option. It's not easy.

Thanks everyone!




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    same problem.  T9-10, top of my bars.  i'm honestly getting quite tired of it.  and if i look down too long it can mean a day or so of pain afterwards.  what has started to help me is to strengthen the muscles around the area that is hurting (my PT really helped with that) and watching my posture.  Can you sit lower or raise your desk/computer?  also switching positions a LOT has helped me too-taking a break, going for a quick walk (even just 10 feet away!).....its on my list of things to talk with the surgeon at my 2 year followup.  i have also resorted to tramadol again for the days i just can't get it to quit....oh, and stretching...gently!  i did find out it's possible to overstretch and really spasm everything out, so i have to be very careful with the stretching.  but for me trying to keep everything in as neutral a position as possible.....and my PT was really helpful in teaching me what "neutral" really is.

    i hope it gets better soon.  i've read that the pain at the top of the fusion can last quite a while after surgery.....i sure hope it goes away soon!!!!! for all of us!

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  • Thanks ladies; I've looked at the links and will wait until I'm a bit further along in my second recovery to even talk to my foam roller!

    I guess I'll have to visit the darned PT again. I do have a desk that I can raise/lower but there are so many times I'm not at my computer and need to look down for a period of time. Good idea though to find out exactly what neutral means.

    I don't know about Canada, but the US is so freakin' overreacting to opioids in general. OK that was unfair; yes people are abusing them but SOME of us could use a tiny little 5mg dose once every two or three days. I believe I no longer (after only 10 weeks) have access to the proper pain meds!!!

    So glad I've got this site to kvetch to....(that's yiddish for whine...!!!)


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