Got mri results pls help

Hey everyone so i had ann mri done recently and want to know what this means "unusual appearance of thoracolumbar rather numerous individual nerve roots are seen." 

Also have L1-2. L2-3  Disc bulge 

L4-5 central disc bulge 

L5-s1 tarlov cyst at s1-2 

What does the part aboit the nerve root mean?



  • I dont see any of those on my results. I currently jist lost my insurance and i am looking to see if anyome has ever had any similar results to see if it is somthing i should immediately get looked at . ive never heard of the cognital anomaly or the numerous nerve roots being seen 

  • Hey i got a copy of mri report but it doesnt say any of that it just states the bluges i have in disks and the part about the nerve endings and says it is recommened i have another mri done called a thoracic spinal mri to look at additional cogential anomolies. My dr is a primary and they dont seem to care about patients anymore. Can i make my own appt with a pain management or spine speicialist or would it be best to be referred

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  • Also the 1.3 cm tarlov cyst i have and my thercal sac is 12 mm and ive read they should be 15 to 27 mm 

  • It may be on a different paper. It states i have several cognital abnormalities that is recommended i have a thoracic lumbar mri to see additional abnormalities and several disk bulges but the "rather numerous individual nerve roots at t 12 " is what im wanting to understand and figure out. 

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    You may never know until you get all of the tests that have been recommended and talk with your doctor.

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  • Thank you i will be getting it done asap. Im just ready to see wat the problem is i am so tired of beinf in pain all of the time

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