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MRI not showing anything so Im referred to Psychiatrist???

jme123jjme123 Posts: 26
edited 11/27/2018 - 1:46 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical

Have posted before I had a Motion-Xray that showed I had permanent Cervical Instabilty severe enough unable to work, I had this MOtion Xray done because a previous MRI did not show anything remarkable. The Chiropractor then said it would be helpful to get different views of the Atlantoaxial so when I went to a Neurologist he ordered another MRI with those recommendations. 

Now this second MRI comes back normal and now the Neurologist insists its coming from my brain and not my neck. Then he suggested a referral to a Psychiatrist for perhaps Somatic disorder or PTSD causing it? Is this something Neurologists typically do just because an MRI is normal? I am quite upset as Ive had this for over 20 year I can tell real pain and its defiantly coming from my neck! Ive also had specialists tell me they can feel the injury in my neck so how would he explain that?

I told him I was not open to that idea so please dont follow through with this suggestion to a Psychiatrist, regret having seen him.  So do Neurologists send all patients to a Phychiatrist if MRI is normal? Seems pretty harsh and absurd? 



  • jme123jjme123 Posts: 26
    edited 11/27/2018 - 6:38 AM

    To add - MRI Impressions showed  "A small right central disc herniation at T2-3 that mildly indents the right ventral spinal canal and thecal sac, contacting and indenting the right ventral aspect of the spinal cord".  And a "C5/C6 disc bulge mildly indents ventral spinal cord" .

    Is this not evidence of anything? These just happen to be the spots 2 specialist found an injury on, how does he say it is normal when these are complain spots I have?

  • nutcase007nnutcase007 United StatesPosts: 918
    jme123 - I was kicked around for many years with severe physical pain from trauma in my neck.  After years of spine doctors not doing the proper diagnostic tests (doing their job), I was sent to pain management.  The pain management doctor told me that if he was going to treat me, I must find a psychiatrist or psychologist that has training in working with chronic pain.  I choose a psychologist that documented that it was "not in my head", but that I really had real physical chronic pain issues going on (as if I didn't know like you know).  Unfortunately, it is part of protocol in medicine.  My psychologist's testing (there is psych testing results accepted by spine doctors) and the psychologist report of my mental stability that the spine doctors resumed work.  My biggest problem was that I had not found the appropriate surgeon.  When I got the proper surgeon, he found the "real" problem and I had surgery within a month.  
    Your case sounds similar to mine in that I was kicked around for decades with serious issues that have left me with permanent spinal cord injury.  Please feel free to private message me because I might be able to coach you in getting more timely diagnostic work and proper physical treatment/surgery.  Complex spine cases can be a lot of trial and error until it is diagnosed.  There are many other diagnostic tests that find issues not found by MRIs. This is all based upon my experience and I am NOT attempting to act or give professional medical advice.
    I hope to hear from you.  
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  • jme123jjme123 Posts: 26
    edited 11/27/2018 - 7:13 AM

    Thanks Nutcase for replying been a rough day, I can see you would relate to my feelings just from your username. Confuses me how he can tell me repeatedly there is nothing wrong with my neck and is coming from my brain.... My question is Mr. Neurologist can you tell me that with 100% assurance and guarantee, that all my pain is coming from my head for over 20 years just because of a negative MRI? 

    Perhaps (hypothetically) my injury was due muscle stiffness (or something along the lines) well thats coming from the neck even if the MRI doesnt show something, so its pretty harsh to say "in no way shape or form is it coming from your neck and only your brain"? (which he was basically yelling at me over and over)

    I really think it was quite a harsh opinion and may have been brought on by me challenging him and perhaps he was annoyed with me even though I was as polite as I could try to be. I then suggested I may go for a standing up MRI of course then he thinks Im more crazy because Im seeking other avenues...

    It was hard not to be upset and question him on his severe black and white thinking, in the way he explains it all people with normal MRI's are imagining it and need to go to a psychiatrist, unless he just layed this on me because he was annoyed? Either way that cannot seem right.

  • jme123jjme123 Posts: 26
    edited 11/27/2018 - 8:23 AM

    To add again- I have had many car accidents, hit by a car and assaults since 20 years. So this is not just 1 incident, its about 20 incidents over 20 years with many whiplash diagnoisis and Xrays. The thing is everyday I wake up I feel like almost the same as the day after a bad car accident, the whiplash along with everything that goes with it never went away.

    This Neurologist has only seen me once previous and has only briefly known my history, he didn't even seem to remember me or what he prescribed, or any of my history and was very contradicting. All he has to say is your MRI is normal there for its coming from your brain? Also, does anyone know why there is bulges, herniation's, and osteoporosis but he calls the MRI normal? He keep repeating MRIs are the gold standard and if it doesnt show nothing is wrong, very confusing.

  • jme123jjme123 Posts: 26
    edited 11/27/2018 - 9:15 AM

     I just want to confirm that it is not just me that has normal MRI;s that are refereed to psychiatrists? So do Neurologsist send everyone with normal MRI's are sent to psychiatrists or pain counsellor? This Neurologist does not even remember me and has talked to me maybe 5 minutes in my life so Im assuming he refers everyone? Is this what they are doing these days?

    I did not even want to do any this, I want nothing to do with doctors unfortunately because Im in too much pain to work government making me see these doctors and apply for this for disability and show proof. I would never of pursed any of this however work search lady from the government is forcing me to, I am exhausted an DONE.

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  • jme123jjme123 Posts: 26
    edited 11/27/2018 - 9:28 AM

    It has come to the point where I will live on nothing if it means never having to deal with this again. Government is forcing me to prove something that doesnt show and now they want to label me as crazy send me to a shrink, Im not going to do it. I cannot prove something that doesnt show however I did pay 1500$ for a motion Xray that showed many issues seem thats all I can do is pay people to help.

  • jme123jjme123 Posts: 26
    edited 11/27/2018 - 9:54 AM

    This Neurologist has spoken to me max 10 minutes in my life and like I said didnt even seem to remember who I was or what he said previous but yet wants to refer me to psychiatrist? He doesn't know anything about my history I had to remind him of everything. Also like I mentioned I did not want any this I am being forced by the government, they tell me its my job to prove if test shows nothing. I would rather live in poverty then deal with this crap and is about what Im going to do.

  • this is so sad. Apparently these protocols are sort of an auto pilot system without considering each patient's unique condition.

    I have all sorts of tests done and just today waiting for neck MRI report, but  I pretty much had to beg for an Rx since the doctors think my pain and symptoms are rather coming from a lot of stress and  fatigue...I am calm most of the time as I want to heal and work less than usual and even after resting 4 days I come back to work and feel tired by noon with all various pains in the neck, head, legs and other minor symptoms we all know about here.  I think it is wise to keep seeking answers...I have seen 8 doctors and seeing another PCP this weekend as I think the previous one was not "caring" enough and he let me go home (since blood work came back all fine)back in July when my vertigo the time August came my pain had gone down my back and felt more in my legs in addition to everything else. so, something was wrong here...I think describing in detail how you feel may help... a doctor that listens and write notes is a sign of a good doctor...i mean, even if the nurse is there taking notes.  I have been told i make my pain worse because I get anxious..who wouldn't? a psychologist may help, I believe, but to make that ruling there is plenty more to humble opinion based on my experience.  To add to that, I still don't have anything solid to address, the best I have is X-rays showing mild DDD in my neck. keep looking for answers and of course, without any bad expectations :)

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  • To add - MRI Impressions showed "A small right central disc herniation at T2-3 that mildly indents the right ventral spinal canal and thecal sac, contacting and indenting the right ventral aspect of the spinal cord".
    I once saw a chiropractor who talked about the thecal sac a lot. I would get another opinion.
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