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Alif surgery L5 s1

I'm new to this page. Reason being I'm scared . That's the honest truth. My Dr. says I need an ALIF surgery for my l5 s1. And I'm freaking out.  Can anyone tell me if it's a good surgery.  And if anyone has had this surgery done a few years back. How are you doing now. I have to make up my mind asap . And I think if I hear it from someone that has had it I can try to make up my mind. Thank you 



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  • hvillshhvills Suzhou, ChinaPosts: 989
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    Of course you're scared... any surgery is a big deal... and we've all experienced the same fear.  Your procedure (ALIF) is a pretty common surgical procedure for lumbar fusion now days... so I wouldn't be scared thinking the surgery is something experimental or the like.  Even though it's common it is a major surgery... it's not like getting your wisdom teeth pulled out.  So be sure to get your mindset right... You will most likely be hospitalized for 3-4 days depending on your doctor's practice and for sure the first week will be the toughest... so be sure to have someone (a spouse or family member) who can help you during the initial days.  Unlike some surgeries the recovery period for lumbar fusion is a longggggg process typically taking a number of months... not days or weeks... so prepare yourself for a marathon not a sprint.  Lumbar fusion surgery is NOT something you simply bounce back from... it takes a LOT of patience, discipline, and work.  Your pain most likely will NOT go away immediately... so don't be disappointed or think that your surgeon did something wrong because things are not suddenly better straight out of the starting gate from surgery.  The nerve roots in your spine take a long time to calm down and heal after surgery and until they do they will fire like crazy.  You will most likley experience various periods of both ups and downs in both your physical and emotional recovery.  Try to just "roll with it" as it's all part of the recovery process... slow and steady wins the race here.  VERY importantly you MUST follow your doctor's orders 110%... there are no shorts cuts in the recovery process... and cheaters wanting to short circuit the process typically pay the price.  Finally educate yourself... the more you understand about your "illness" and surgery the better... knowledge helps conquer the fear.  This site is a good place to start... there is TONS of useful info here as well as other folks who have been in your shoes.  You're off to a good start... you found this site. 

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  • challengercchallenger Posts: 1,198
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    I have had three fusion surgeries and yes they are no picnic and the healing process can be tough. All of my surgeries went well it just takes time and work. Good luck   

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