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Overactive Bladder, Hyperhidrosis, lower back pain and Anxiety

Firstly, thanks to anyone who has information on this problem. For the past couple of years I've had four issues that really bother me: lower back pain, excessive facial sweating/blushing, overactive bladder and anxiety. I've been to the doctor numerous times for the anxiety, Hyperhidrosis, and overactive bladder but not the lower back -always assumed I'd just messed it up somehow. Despite being to the doctor none of the issues ever stopped so eventually I just gave up and have just been living with them and my quality of life is very poor. Recently my overactive bladder, sweating and lower back pain are getting worse. Anytime I try to hold urination in three things will happen: my face will start sweating profusely/blushing, my lower back will hurt really bad and sometimes my abdomen area will hurt, and I'll get really anxious. This happens anytime I try to hold it in. Always in a rush to the bathroom especially when I'm moving around or working. When I use to get really bad anxiety I would start sweating from my face, my lower back would start hurting, and I'd need urinate -so they all show up around the same time whether I get anxious or just need to hold in urine. It wasn't until recently I read something about lower spine injuries resulting in all of these symptoms which I had thought were four seperate problems. Although, thinking about it they did all start at the same time so I think it might be some kind of lower spinal injury? Any ideas or similar experiences? I'm going to get my lower back x-rayed and sort of hope they find something because I'm tired of dealing with all of these issues. Reading about lower spine injuries and resulting symptoms seems to be my exact problem.



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    hello spencerwright1991!
    welcome to spine health

    if it were me, i would request a mri. an x-ray will show the bones but a mri will show any underlying problems with your disc, if there are any. sometimes it takes 2 or 3 opinions to get it right.
    having anxiety is pretty common when dealing with back pain. it's the unknown that get's us. saying to ourselves, maybe it's this or that or i wonder if it's this or that keeps us in this unknown area. that's why it's best to try to get the right answers. bladder and bowel issues can go hand in hand with disc and or nerve issues, so best to get this checked out.
    i have those very same issues but mine is due to 4 ruptured disc, scoliosis and other issues. so i know how you feel.

    take care and please keep us posted.

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