Lower Lumbar shift

Looking for advice. First my back shifts over the side. When it does its very painful and cant walk. I have L4/L5 ruptured disc and C4/C5 in the neck area too. Only way I can get better to lay flat on floor or hard mattress. Usually take 4-5 days before I can half way function. My regular doctor does not know what to think about it and usually gives me a local steroid shot and toradol. By the time I can get in to see Pain Management Dr or the Neosurgeon, I am better and back is straight. They both tell me its just muscle spasms is the cause. I am trying to get insurance to preapprove disectomy on the L4-5 (sorry for spelling, im in pain). 

My pain meds. are percaset 5/325 and baclofen. Today Im shifted over and the meds. are doing nothing for the extreme pain. Ive been in ER before while I was shifted over they dont do anything and treat me like Im after drugs. RRRRRR. 

This all started about 10 yrs. ago. But in the last yr. it happens about every 8 weeks. 

What causes the lumbar shift? Is there a name for it? Would a back brace help in keeping it from happening? Will the back surgery help? Any advice will be appreciated. 



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    Hello 73blucomet

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  • Thank you. Sorry for my question. I guess what I was hoping is someone with similar problems would give me some advice. I am doing a little better today but still painful to move or walk. Thinking about trying chiropractor out. 

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  • Hi all,

    I suffered severe pain in my lower back down my right side of leg and in my foot. I had a mri scan which showed i had 2 slipped discs, in lower back and upper back.  I have been put on 3 lots of strong pain killers but i am still struggling with pain in my back and in my foot.  I went to see a specialist which is going to send me to physiotherapy now to see if they can strengthen my back.  I used a walking stick to help me walk and take preassure of my back, and i brought a support belt to hold me up which was helping but my specialist took a look at my scan said its not to bad and told me dont use walking stick dont use your support belt so i havent but im in a lot of pain.  I cant sit for long and the pain in my foot is agony i really dont know what to do for the best. 1 is telling me 1 thing the other is telling me another, and it also pulls on my neck.  Is anyone having the same problem and could  give me some advise how they get on day to day.  I cant do what i use to do that much house work, driving, i want to go back to work but its a sit down job its a easy job but my painkillers make me drowsy and i cant take them if i have to work but my specialist said i should go back to work. Im just confused cause its ok the specialist saying all these things but he aint helping my pain hope someone can help me who is going through 

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  • Hello, I'm new here today.

    I'm sorry about your pains. I know its frustrating and depressing with the docs & meds for pains. 

    Where do you get pains ?  (leg, groin, back, one side only etc ?)

    I get a shifting feeling in low back too both sides but one side at a time. Not sure  what that means yet.

    For years I have had off & on low back ache and a stuck feeling with pelvic, groin, glutei, & leg pains & occasional sudden painful spasms. And neurological symptoms from low back to feet. Usually one sided per time. Lately right leg pain has been excruciating & torture.

    PC provider ordered ex-rays. I have not found anything significant or tangible in  yet ( ex-rays standing flexed and laying down positions) Only lumber mild degeneration and crooked curved tailbone . But just had a specific lumber spine MRI ordered on a first 10 minute visit to spine doc ever. Not much discussed. He suspects disk bulge. Not sure if I believe that being the origin of my problems. 

    I cannot afford any more tests . Already in debt from this and other medical situations. If I get an MRI I need it to be thorough in the whole area.  Never had MRI before. Will they miss something ?

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