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Whiplash recovery

I was rear-ended at a 0 stop 30-50mph leaving me with a broken arm,4 pack of ribs and spine tore in the middle along with cut at the neck. I didn't receive any medical attention. On bowel movements my lower back exerts a seized force on the spine. I sometimes get a headache right at the head spine socket. I'm 29 and this was Feb 2017. Anyone know how much it is to get an x-ray or price range to see what damages are done? I don't have health insurance. What all would a doctor do to see the damages. Open for discussion since this is a spine forum and seems to be a lifetime problem. Any medical advice would be great. My back has seized bent using a push mower and while working under the hood of a car it wraps up reversed. Light duty and walks are best.



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  • justwaynejjustwayne Posts: 3
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    I meant the whiplash tore at the neck and nearly yanked the spine out of the head socket as well as almost halving the spine a nice crease. It took days I rode home from the accident with just feeling like my spine got whipped or chiropractor. Days after i guess fractures appeared leaving what felt like a right rib loose and hairline split up middle of chest. After contacting her insurance to recommend me a hospital I was only offered 750$ for accidental injury. I had explained my situation feeling of a loose rib upfront stiff gutted and that it took days or weeks after accident for injuries to appear after they asked why I didn't require EMS. Now have lower back expansion during bowel movements. They denied offering me any hospital recommendations and requested I take the 750$. Not knowing after my spine got knuckled tight and no lawyer's would help me. Both had auto insurance it was other drivers fault just don't have health insurance for further health care. I'm 29 was 27 5'10" 175lb male. It basically threw out the spine. 

    Anyone know which hospital systems will bill you later? Anyone a medical professional. What's the cost of an x-ray to examine spine Injury

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  • At the time of your accident you suppose to see medical attention within 72hrs that way insurance company cannot denied your injury. 

    need to understand how insurance work hand in hand. Since this is a car accident and you were not at fault go hire a lawyer. let them take care everything because this injury due to car accident. In my state i’ve Up to 2yrs. 

  • I was told if I had uninsured motorist they could maybe help. Does anyone know the price of a spine x-ray or CT scan

  • You mention: Both had auto insurance it was other drivers fault just don't have health insurance for further health care.

    Uninsured motorist property damage and bodily injury only apply if after you exchange info with the other driver that has NO INSURANCE. And your insurance will cover your injury and property. 

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