Worried about lower back lump

Hi all,

I'm a 24-year old male, 6ft 4ins, and 190lbs and I could really do with some advice.

My first back issue began last Christmas when I was, of all things, ironing. I was bending forward slightly and suddenly felt an agonizing shooting pain that went from my lower back and down into my leg. It left me unable to move for several days, and took a few weeks for me to get over.

This summer I started waking up with a stiff lower back every morning. I found that stretching was a big help, and touching my toes would help relieve it. However, whenever I did this I would feel and hear a small pop in my lower spine but I thought nothing of it.

That was until I woke up in July with my lower spine literally sticking out. There is a hard bony lump, which is several inches long, which feels like my vertebrae that sticks out whenever I bend forwards. It's really visible and you can feel it protruding.

Here's a picture:

There was no pain at this time and I had a full-range of movement, but I went straight to my doctor. I was sent for an x-ray which showed inflammation but was inconclusive. I have an appointment with a specialist in a few weeks and will likely have an MRI.

Since the July appointment my back has really deteriorated. It is impossible for me to stand for long periods because the pain becomes unbearable. Sitting down is slightly less painful, but once I have done so for a while it becomes quite sore. When I stretch out after sitting for long periods I can feel a massive pop in my lower spine exactly where it sticks out. I also feel a numbness and tingling sensation in my legs almost constantly and my upper back is starting to hurt. Every morning I wake up with serious stiffness in my lower back as well.

I can't exercise, or at least run, because there is a constant soreness in my lower back while doing so. Stretches such as pelvic tilts offer some minor relief but it's very temporary. 

Does anyone have any thoughts on how best to cope with constant back pain like this? What do you think the above sounds like and what would you recommend? I'm really concerned and fearful of surgery and all of the accompanying dangers, but I also can't carry on like this given my young age.

Any advice will be much appreciated.



  • Get an MRI. It is the best way to tell what is going on. X rays are not detailed enough. Good luck. Hope the news was good

  • The muscles tense due to the herniation, I take Advil if I get muscle spasms aka lumps caused by the herniation

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