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How much is considered too much pain meds some people are prescribed a lot

MikethepikeMMikethepike MIchiganPosts: 668
edited 12/01/2018 - 12:12 PM in Pain Medications

 I know one person that is prescribed 30 mg of ms Cotin 3 times a day  and allowed  30 mg Oxycodone 3  Times a day for a breakthrough. It seems like a lot. For me I take  Norco 10-325  for times a day   And 1. 20 mg A day for breakthrough.  My Dr. will give me more but I’m concerned about how much I am taking now.  I am still in a lot of pain. I am thinking about having her give me more because I am sick and tired of the pain  Take care and God bless



  • peanut006peanut006 MichiganPosts: 143

    I think that should be solely a decision between you and your doctor. Unfortunately the government doesn't agree these days. You have to do what's best for you, but I'd be concerned about raising my dose in the current climate, to unsustainable levels. What I mean by that is, if something unexpected happens (insurance changes, doctor retires, stops practicing, etc), am I on a dose that any other doctor will be willing to touch? Five or ten years ago that wasn't really something we thought about but today I think we have to concern ourselves with those kinds of eventualities. Right now, at 60mme, you're right around the current recommendations and might find other doctors willing to prescribe that dose should something unforeseen happen. Much higher than that and it's possible, if you had to seek out another doctor, you'd be looking at a rapid taper back down. 

    Again though, only you and your doctor can decide what's best and makes the most sense for you. These are just some of the questions I ask myself given the current climate. 

  • It's hard to wrap my mind around what is a good dosage. I don't take any pain medication currently, they had me on three 5mg hydrocodones after surgery and it would just put me right to sleep. I don't even know how people can take such a high dose and not just sleep all day. Everybody is different and has a different tolerance, definitely something you should work closely with your doctor. Do the lowest possible dose, then move from there. 

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  • MikethepikeMMikethepike MIchiganPosts: 668

     Just wondering does more pain meds really equal more pain relief and comfort? My doctor put me on 20 mg Oxycotin Twice a day plus kept me on the Norco 10-325  four times a day and if I wanted to take a oxycodone 20 mg in place of a Norco I could. I do not feel any better pain wise or comfort wise ,  it seems like the extra 40 mg of Oxycotin  A day is not helping. She said if that wasn’t enough she would raise the dose. I was nervous about taking the Norco and  Oxycodone and now I’m taking more. Still suffering in pain muscle and joint pain. Your input would help take care and God bless

  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,072


    Thats really a tough question.   I believe the majority of members here, especially the new members and new to chronic pain would have the thought process that more pain medications translates into less pain.   Thats why you read so many posts where people said they are asking their doctors for higher dosages but are not getting them.

    I have found over the years, that have to switch opioid types a few times.  It seemed as though my body was getting more accustomed to one type and it wasnt as effective.  Changing types seemed to have helped, but I say seemed because I really cant be 100% sure of that.

    I have had to be on extended relief opioids like you many times in the past 10 or so years.  It seemed though when I was on that, I was taking a lot of breakthrough medication during the day.  I was at 30mg Oxycontin 3x day and up to 8 5mg IR Oxycodone.

    When I stopped taking the ER type after a careful slowdown plan, I noticed that the breakthrough medication alone was giving me better overall pain relief.  Now, that could have been because I was started to rebound and some of my spinal problems were slowly improving.

    I really dont have a good answer to your question.  My main objective over the past 4 or 5 years has been to decrease my overall opioid daily intake.  I have been doing good at this, except for a surgery here or there or flare ups.

    I have found that my getting back to a cardiac rehab set of exercises has been the most beneficial for me.  I never realized just how deconditioned my body was after all those years. 

    You know I always bring up  The Blend   because it has been effective for me.

  • MikethepikeMMikethepike MIchiganPosts: 668

     Thanks Ron,   I’ve had acupuncture, cupping, Aquatic therapy, a lot of physical therapy, one  thing that hasn’t changed much has been my medication. At one time I was on Oxycotin  20 mg four times a day. That doctor would not prescribe breakthrough meds. I was on MS Cottin.  For a short time but it made me itch.  We tried that tapping which was My wife tapping  with her hand  several areas of my body. I really think what it is is my Myelomalacia Acting up. It is in my C 2 area.  For Christmas I bought an elliptical machine. Been on it.  every day, only for a couple minutes at a time. I use it  more for the stretching. I go slow. I go back to My  neurologist next Friday. Take care and God bless 

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  • harpyharpy Posts: 109
    edited 07/19/2019 - 8:15 AM

    Hi, I often used to think the same. I was on a lot of high does of different meds to help my pain. After a few month pain would come back we would just up the dose. I would also have to take meds to stop the nausea some meds caused. Take a laxative to help with any movements , the constipation was horrid. I had to buy mouth gels and eyes drops to help there cause everything dried out. And with all the cost the pain was still there. I seen my gp and asked him for a referral to a pain specialist. Took me over 7 months to get off all these meds. What a horrific time that was.  As I told my medical team, I can honestly say my pain is the same now as it was with that huge concoction of pills that were in my belly. Just that my liver and kidneys ect ... are much healthier now. I am now on low dose endone, low dose Valium and amytripiline . Some days I don’t take anything. I will never get dependent again. But now I get some relief from the pills , as long as it takes the edge off a flare up I am happy. Good luck on finding what helps ease your pain. Harpy

  • Hi Mike!  I have the same experience as DiLauro.  My MD that I went to for 13 years always told me that more is not always better.  The body gets accustomed to the meds we take and often times a change of med type is what we really need.  For years I have gone back and forth between MS Contin and Oxycontin.  Whenever I feel my pain isn't being covered as well, we switch.  I know this won't work for everybody but it might be worth a try for some before actually raising doses.  In the present climate it will be nearly impossible to sustain a very high dose.  It isn't right but sadly that is the reality.

    I was so hoping the MS Contin would work for you Mike!  I totally get why it didn't though.  Have you tried Hysingla? (Not sure on spelling).  If your insurance covers it might be worth a try.  I was going to try it but my deductible was too expensive on that because it's one of those that costs around $700 per month.  

    Don't give up Mike, just keep trying meds and something will work for you.  

    Take care,


  • Joel1QJJoel1Q Posts: 332
    edited 01/06/2019 - 2:50 AM

    For me, more opiates did not mean less pain, it meant less brain to think about the pain.  I’m slowly figuring out the Med Marijuana “silver bullet” is just a coating of new drugs for my brain to get used to, and make me foggy enough to forget about the pain, for a bit, just like the opiates did.  Until I get a headache cause I screwed up the impossible to nail down dosing. 

     I’m a new 24/7 chronic pain patient and new to this situation since surgery #1 11 months ago.   I can remember getting as much pain pills as needed before, those were the days right?  But I did a lot less then than now  

    Talk about high doses, after an ALIF and 10 days later a PLIF to resolve severe stenosis and 4 nerve impingements last Feb/Mar, I was on 3x30mg MS Contin and 6x30mg oxycodone per day for 5 months until I was forced to start titration.   Going from 360mme to 180 was hell, and my aggressive titration dreams to get off everything was put on hold because the increased pain and withdrawal symptoms were too much for me. That was October and when I stopped titration the pain settled down and I had been managing relatively ok, for 2 months then in December the neuropathy pains started up again.   I happened to be going to a university pain management department chief of addition to other basic things, All recommendations were reduce off the opiates completely because they are Possibly causing pain, so I’m back titrating as of Jan 1....and hating the symptoms and really hating the major major neuropathy pain increase, worse than last titration try.  

    Good luck on your recovery, I do know when I stick to PT regularly with 1-2 acupuncture sessions a week, a massage every 2 weeks, I do feel better than other times. I’m guessing that I’ll still need a bit low dose 5mg Oxy for the extra long haul but I hope not.   My first ingredients to my own personal blend. Hope you find yours mike!

    L3-S1 ALIF Feb 2018 and 

    L3-S1 PLIF Laminectomy and Fusion March 2018

  • Joel, I've heard that the opioids can actually cause pain but to get off them is scary, not because of the withdrawal, I can handle that but the added pain. Please let me know how it goes. I'm on 20-25 mg per day of Percocet. 

  • MikethepikeMMikethepike MIchiganPosts: 668

    the problem is when youre in more pain you're less active, I've stuggled with muscle atrophy in those times, has anyone else struggled with atrophy?

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