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Fused C4-C6, Injections between C6-C7....question on another fusion...

So, had my MRI...shows that my fusion for C4 to C6 is fused from 2010. Now discs above and below are weakening (no surprise, I was told this may happen), however pain more severe below. Just had injections...not sure this is helping but giving it time.

When doc mentioned a possible second fusion, I thought...well how long will the top be ok? So my question is, am I being impulsive that I want to say just fuse whole whole damn neck so I don't have to keep having surgeries if the top is gonna go too?

Any advice appreciate...thanks :)



  • joowee40joowee40 Mississippi Posts: 239 where are you with your pain now that you had injections? I'm 9 mths post cervical posterior revision c3 to c6 of failed acdf that was c4 to c7 and am in so much pain still after I initially doing better and cannot sleep from being awakened hurting every night after a few hrs sleep. 

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